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Re-offer EA is a semi-automatic trading tool, which is recommended by traders as a necessary tool. The control panel is simple and can be used as hang-up assistant transaction, batch order processing, move stop tool. It can be used as a historical retest trading, training TRADERS'sense of trading, TRADERS' strategy drill, etc.

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Any Symbol of trade is applicable. If "AI Add Lots" (intelligent automatic) is opened, it is suggested that "Move Stop" (move stop) be opened at the same time to stop at the average price of all orders.


Magic - Order Marking; 0, Operational Manual Billing. (Note that the order for the operation must be consistent with the Magic value)

Lots - Default fixed lots

SetStopLoss - Sets order stops by default of 50 points.

MoveStopPoint - Move stop points.

Other parameters can be configured by default.
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