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Please do not trust any Back-test result from our EA 

Every second is money , SteelBreaker would never waste the momentum from the market . Make 100% as soon as possible .

EA SteelBreaker is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and portion of lots . It will start with Scalping Strategy .

Based on hedging price action orders starts ,the following protection orders with martingale。

90% of the market is doing Range or Swing . SteelBreaker focus on it


Strategy involved :

  •  Scalping 
  •  Extreme Mode
  •  Smart way to open order and close order
  •  Dynamic TP to let Orders change TP to closer to break-even when Orders reach a level .
  •  Dynamic Step Order
  •  Martingale orders open
  •  Close all orders on Time Function
  •  Safe Mode for Help to Control Risk 

Pairs and Time-Frame:

  • Users also can choose your own pairs 
  • M1 chart 
  • Recommended EURGBP

Recommended balance


  • LotStart - Lot Start
  • TimeFuntion - Start Trade and Stop Trading (Time on Server)
  • SafeMode - If there are too many orders , close all profits (USD)
  • BidMode - Read Only Bid Price for Calculate TP
  • Drawdown - if Drawdown less than or equal Number your insert , EA will Stop-Out and Remove EA (Percent) , a sample -60 = if Drawdown on Equity have -60% EA will Stop-Out and Remove EA
  • PendingCloseAll - if you choose PendingCloseAll = true you will see pending order "BuyLimit" and if you delete pending order this EA will Auto close all orders and remove EA from pair (you can delete pending on Mobile)

Recommended broker

use ONLY  lower spread broker (8-15 Point) with 1:500 leverage5 digits . 

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.02.14 08:42 

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Hichame18 2019.01.25 01:55   

Doesn’t not deserve even not one $ !!!! Please stay away of this EA!!!!!! It will blow your account within few hours!!!! Just a stupid martingale without any logic!!!!! Stay away!!!!

Версия 2.35 2019.04.27
-fix bug time trading fn
-add news filter
-add indicator filter
Версия 2.1 2019.04.02
-Allow Distance Orders setting
-Allow Multiplier setting
-add TP_Start setting | min TP for fist order
-TP_Step | add more per order
| sample if you r setting TP_Start = 50
| TP_Step = 6
| Now you have order sell "6" orders Takeprofit = 50+6+6+6+6+6 = 80 Point
-Allow CloseByTP setting
-add ProfitPerDay | If today's profit is greater than or equal on setting, it will stop working. (reset from HourStart)
-add ActionHourEnd
-add ActionStopOut
-add button buy allow , sell allow , close orders
Версия 2.0 2019.03.20
Update V 2.0
-Update Time Trading Function
-Remove AW Recovery Mode
-Add MaxLot
-Add Limit Lot
-Add CloseBy TP | the system will set TP to help close the profit
Версия 1.14 2019.02.01
-Add New AW Recovery Function (Beta)
This function allows the system to work with "AW Recovery System" to control risks.
-Remove Safe Function
-Fix Stop-Out Function
Версия 1.13 2019.01.24
Add "Drawdown" Stop-Out Function
Версия 1.12 2019.01.23
Fixed orders step
Версия 1.1 2019.01.23
Fixed Bug