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Hamster Evolution

Firstly, all credit to Ramil Minniakhmetov for laying the foundation for the popular and original Hamster family of night scalpers. HAMSTER EVOLUTION attempts to refine and build on the successes of this strategy with the addition of more refined entry options and additional exit strategies.

Strengths of Hamster Evolution:
  • Can be optimized to trade multiple currency pairs, time frames and all hours of the day
  • Entries Are determined by RSI, MFI, ATR1, ATR2 and ADX indicators
  • Indicators can be individually disabled/enabled
  • Manual trading Panel of which the resulting trades will be managed by the advisor
  • Optional Dynamic Take Profit
  • Ability to close Buy and Sell order separately or together
  • Virtual Take Profit/Stop Loss with simultaneous, optional real TP/SL for the broker
  • Breakeven after a prescribed time
  • Limiting number of trades per day
  • Optional Lot Multiplier
  • News Filter which can filter optional currency pairs

  • You are advised to use a broker providing fast execution of orders and low spread. ECN brokers are preferable.
  • Use a VPS with a latency of less than 5ms. It is advised that your broker trading server and your VPS be close together. I am making use of  https://chocoping.com/processing/aff.php?aff=257
  • Leverage 1:500
  • Minimum deposit is $100
  • Add "http://ec.forexprostools.com" to Tools-Options-Expert Advisers and check-mark "Allow  WebRequest for Listed URL"
  • Default settings have been optimized for EURUSD M15

My other products and live signals can be viewed here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/andre0512/seller

A detailed description of the input parameters can be seen here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/724250



  • New Cycle: True/False
  • Max Spread
  •  Max Slippage
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Close at Breakeven: True/False
  • Breakeven Cut off Time
  • Disable trading on Wednesday
  • Magic Number
  • Limit Multi Currency Trade: True/False
  • Display Graphical Interface
  • Display Trade Panel: True/False


  • Use Autolot: True/False
  • Autolot Size:
  • Initial Lot size
  • Lot Multiplier
  • Max Lot


  • Virtual Take Profit
  • Virtual Stop Loss
  • Dynamic Take Profit: True/False
  • Dynamic Take Profit Loss Protect: True/False
  • Daily Allowable Trades
  • Reset Daily Allowable Trades
  • Take Profit/Stop Loss for Broker: True/False
  • Close Floating Orders Separately: True/False 
  • Minimum Distance Between Orders


  • Enable RSI Indicator: True/False
  • RSI Signal Indicator Period
  • RSI Signal Indicator From
  • RSI Signal Indicator To
  • Enable MFI Indicator: True/False
  • MFI Signal Indicator Period
  • MFI Signal Indicator From
  • MFI Signal Indicator To
  • Enable ATR1 Indicator: True/False
  • ATR1 Filter Indicator Period
  • ATR1 Filter Indicator From
  • ATR1 Filter Indicator To
  • Enable ATR2 Indicator: True/False
  • ATR2 Confirm Indicator TF:
  • ATR2 Confirm Indicator Period
  • ATR2 Confirm Indicator From
  • ATR Confirm Indicator To
  • Enable ADX Indicator: True/False
  • ADX Filter Indicator Period
  • ADX Filter Indicator Level


  • Disable trading during news release: True/False
  • Enable Low News: True/False
  • Pause before Low News, minutes
  • Pause after Low News, minutes
  • Enable Medium News: True/False
  • Pause before Medium News, minutes
  • Pause after Medium News, minutes
  • Enable High News: True/False
  • Pause before High News, minutes
  • Pause after High News, minutes
  • DrawNewsLines
  • Currency News to Display
  • LowColor:
  • MediumColor:
  • HighColor:
  • LineWidth:
  • LineStyle:

Jose Fernando Porcel
Jose Fernando Porcel 2019.04.08 23:55 

Hi Michiel,

Successful, this rodent needed stirrups, good work.

Best Regards.

Версия 2.0 2019.03.13
* Fix a bug related to the drawing of the Breakeven line which occurred occasionally.
* Added input parameter to make it possible to trade only one currency at a time.
* Added input parameter to control the minimum distance between orders.
* Added input parameter to reset daily allowable trades when a cycle of trades have closed.