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EA Boost

EA Boost is an automated strategy based on big candle extensions

The EA opens a trade when there is a candle formation (more than 28 pips) and then manage the trade with a trailing stop and close profits partially, the management is very smart! The probabilities are in our sides!

Here the general settings:

  • risk: risk in percentage based on the balance (for example, 2 means 2% risk)
  • compounding: improve the money management with the risk based on the compounding effect.
  • lots: option to open orders with a predefined lots, specified in the option lots. Leave "false" on this, it is better.
  • distCandle: candle formation in Point calculated with high, low and close
  • distSL: distance of the Stop Loss in Point
    distNotAbove: in case the candle formation in Point is bigger that "distNotAbove" the trade is ignored. 0 means that every candle formation is allowed.
  • RR: Take Profit calculated through the Risk/Reward. For example if the SL is 50 Point and the RR is 8, then the Take Profit is equal to 50 x 8 = 400 Point.
  • filterMACD: trade is allowed if the MACD is congruent
  • filterATR: trade is allowed if the actual ATR value is greater than the previous values. (this option is useful and trade only if there are unexpected movements)
  • TrailingStopStrategy: management of the Stop Loss during the trade's life. Leave this option as it is.
  • SLmovementDynamic: the Stop Loss moves like a Trailing Stop. It's good.
  • partialRange1/partialProfits1: range calculated in percentage from the total distance of the Take Profit (in this case 0,375 x 400 = 150, when the trade reaches 150 Points in profit it takes partialProfits1 0,333 (33% or one third of the position in profit).
  • partialRange2/partialProfits2: same at the previous one, in this case partialRange2 has to be greater than the first one, otherwise if 0 is not used
  • filterCloseBeforeWeekend: if is true the EA close and delete all orders on Friday at 22:00 broker time.
  • activateMoneyManagement: the money management included is the Anti-Martingale system that increase performances and lower the DD (I created a Money Management algorithm included!)
  • commentTrade: put your preferred comment or leave blank to the default comment

This EA runs best on a M1 timeframe and on USDCAD.

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