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Forex Trade Helper

!! NewUpdate!! ForexTradeHelper V5.17


--Add your skill via BackTest. (Manual Tester and Auto Tester)

--Create Trading Idea and Indicator Parameter

--Necessary 's tool and Indicator for learning.

--Continuous Improvement for EA.


Best Forex Trading Helper Add your skill by useless time greater than using Demo Trade and using for actual trade.

 Forex Trade Helper

    1.      Learning by doing your self (Actual or Back Test)

    2.      Manual Tester and Auto Tester with Fibo,Channal,ADX,iClose,MA,MACD,Stochastic,CCI.

    3.      Short time for add your skill and your trading style.

    4.      Fully Manual Trade ,  Auto Trade with Indicator , Calculate distance for make profit according time frame.

    5.      Design you trade idea by Step order + Distance and Pending order with combine Indicator.

    6.      Design trend order or side way order or Recovery Lot Size by your self .

    7.      Advanced with more windows to open symbol and filter spread and Calculation right Profit

    8       Using for actual trade with your idea after learning.


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Версия 5.17 2019.04.20
Forex Trade Helper V5.17
1. Resolve Bug for Recovery lot when Spread greater than Point to recovery.
2. Reset lot to 0.01 only after use function ARe.
Версия 5.16 2019.04.17
Forex Trade helper V5.16
1. Improve MRe and ARe funtion
Версия 5.15 2019.04.16
Forex Trade Helper V5.15
1. Add Auto Trade Selector(ADX,iClose,MA,MACD,STO,CCI)
2. Lock Profit and Loss .
3. Manual Recovery button for check lot size vs point.
4. Auto Recovery button for dynamic check lot size vs point.
5. Multiple Order for both direction.
6. OneTime Order and Run Auto Order.
Версия 5.11 2019.02.26
1. Adjust Dialog Position .
2. Add Button Color
Версия 5.1 2019.02.24
ForexTradeHelper V5.01
1.Improve Account Detail Dialog Position on Tester Mode
2.Add Input position for Fibo Indicator in Expert Property.
Версия 5.0 2019.02.23
ForexTradeHelper V5

1. Improve New Interface.
2. Add Pending Close All Order.
3. Add AP2 for non confirm to Apply.
4. Change High-Low button to Fibo and Channel.
5. Add Stochastic Indicator for M1-D1.
6. Improve Open new chart and change chart.
7. Improve EasyCal to send value to main panel.
8. Include Breakeven into Trailing Stop.
9. Compact Panel only show on Tester mode.
10. Add button for bring panel to above new object.
Версия 4.13 2019.01.23
Improve EasyCal to input distance value.
Improve EasyCal send value to Dashboard.
Improve Tester Speed slower adjustable.
Версия 4.12 2019.01.16
1. Improve Slippage Problem.
2. Improve Unlock Step Order for Open more order.(Change Default 1 to 0)
Версия 4.11 2019.01.16
1. Add Compact Trade Panel
2. Improve EasyCal calculate Step Order
3. Change filter color in Symbols Dashboard