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ForexAurum Scalper

ForexAurum Scalper is a hedging EA that scalps the market using the global trend, it also uses Martingale to recover the hedging trades, it has been tested for EURUSD low spread broker, this EA is a multi currency trading robot you will probably need to optimize the parameters to get more profits depending on your context.


  • Pairs: Low Spread Pairs (Under 12 points)
  • Time Frame: H4
  • Lot Size: 0.01
  • Portfolio Size: 100$ and above


  • Magic Number (BUY) : magic number used for the EA to open long trades
  • Magic Number (SELL) : magic number used for the EA to open short trades
  • Lot Size : initial lot size
  • Balance Setp : used to increase the lot size depending on balance, set it to 0 for fixed lot
  • Hedging Multiplier: martingale multiplier to calculate the lot size for the hedging
  • Max Hedging Position: max trades to open for hedging
  • Automatic Levels: calculate hedging levels automaticaly
  • Hedging Level (Point) : hedging level represent the stop loss but opens a reverse trade once the price reaches this level
  • Take Profit Level (Point) : take profit level 
  • Trailing Stop (Point): trailing stops
  • Aggressive Mode: Make it TRUE to open more trades
  • Max Spread: max spread to open a trade
  • HeikenAshi Timeframe: H4 by default
  • Activate ADX: activating ADX indicator
  • ADX Timeframe: H4 by default
  • ADX Period: 14 by default
  • ADX Level (%): 20% by default
  • Slippage: accepted deviation 0 by default
  • Activate Log: log activation

Tested using a 100$ trading account with 1:500 leverage to trade EURUSD# under

A public signal using this EA is published recently


Since the EA uses Martingale, losses are recovered but very big losses may occur. We recommend trying it first on a demo account to recognize and understand the parameters first. Also, trade only the capital you are prepared to lose.

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Версия 2.0 2019.02.09
- Adding HeikenAshi and ADX for opening new trades
- Adding autoincrement lot size
- Magic Numbers for (long/short) trades