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Gravitational semiautomatic EA

Hello everyone! First of all, I will analyze the important issues of stability for foreign exchange!
Pure manual problems:  1, people's energy is limited 2, emotions can not be controlled 3, trading points can not be controlled. Various reasons cause losses!

Semi-smart advantages: 1, avoid the above problems, and achieve the perfect combination of people and machines, controlled by their own! 2, you can instantly open the button when there is direction, you can ambush in advance when there is no direction, just take a few minutes a day to complete the day's trade!
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Gravitational EA [Introduction]:

This system is unique in the world. It only needs to be roughly rough to give a general direction. The system will analyze the optimal trading position according to the current market and draw the trading line. When the market changes, the horizontal line will automatically be relative. Adjust and adapt to current market conditions,

Admission and appearance are executed after the K-line closes, and avoids the distortion of the back-testing verification history. What is the effect of the back-testing?

In addition, the stop loss set by EA is calculated according to the current volatility. Because the foreign exchange market is oscillating, we can't limit its operating range too much! Actually, this hard stop is generally difficult to sweep, in order to prevent the last line of defense set by the extreme market!

The general situation is handled by the EA internal system monitoring and processing! As long as the conditions are up to standard, regardless of profit or loss, the order will be processed, thus achieving the co-seismic nature of foreign exchange fluctuations and controlling the risk!

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Trading method:

1: If you are a newbie, just open the work in the direction of the arrow!

2: If you are a friend with technical experience, you have to operate in the following directions!

       First of all, the chart is minimized, and the reduction is to make it easy to see the current structural trend direction at a glance. The important thing is to say three times, so be sure to remember! The high point is constantly rising and only the BUY is turned on. The low point is continuously lowering and only the SELL is turned on. The greater the price of the price in a certain direction, the safer the order in this direction. If the current market is a big shock, you must wait for a breakthrough, and then participate in a large range. Simple and convenient novices can be stable!

       Please download the system history training for a few days, any novice can reach stability!

For details on function introduction and trading techniques, please click on the video to watch and switch to ultra clear.

Detailed function introduction and trading skills, please click this link to watch, switch to ultra clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKr9yRRn1sY&feature=youtu.be

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Work cycle: M15

EA attribute parameters:

Stoploss        // stop loss base, the larger the parameter, the larger the stop loss

Takeprofit     // Take profit base, the bigger the parameter, the bigger the profit

Fluctuation    // volatility calculation parameters, mainly used to stop loss

Interval         //add the interval between orders

Quantity       // restricted single quantity

Commentt1   //Note name

Arrowswitch   //Arrow switch, the default is off

Aravind 2019.03.06 22:28 

Good and helpful for controlled trading.

kaz Chin
kaz Chin 2018.12.26 14:47 

I will be convinced that this tool will benefit me if I just grab the timing of entry.

wwwzns 2018.12.20 10:58 


Версия 1.3 2019.01.22
Increase arrow square switch
Версия 1.2 2019.01.08
1: Присоединяйтесь к стрелке направления, любой новичок может быть стабильным и прибыльным
Версия 1.1 2018.12.22
1: настройка положения кнопки
2: Добавить внешнюю аннотацию советника
3: оптимизировать торговые точки