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The Capitalist


The Capitalist helps you easily customize a signal generation based on RSI, CCI, MACD, Stochastic, and another indicator you can define by yourself.

Simply select the time frame and which indicators you want to include for signal generation. You may set the auto trading based on the signals with 3 trading mode options: Buy only, Sell only or Buy and Sell. 

When the auto trading disabled, The Capitalist will acts like an indicator and alerts the signal when alerts setting enabled.

Before you start the auto trade, set the volume (lots), take profit, stop loss, trail level, and trail step.

There is an optional feature you can use or not: Martingale.

And 3 buttons to close Buy, Sell or All orders will help you easily close orders when needed.


  • Magic:  Orders unique ID
  • Comments:  Orders comment
  • Max Trade (Non Marti):  Maximum orders when martingale disabled
  • Indicators Settings: Settings for RSI, CCI, MACD, Stochastic
  • Indi1_Name: Custom indicators name (Indicator should be in the Indicators folder of terminal data path)
  • Indi1_BuySignalBuffer: Buy signal buffer of the custom indicator
  • Indi1_SellSignalBuffer: Sell signal buffer of the custom indicator
  • Indi1_ShiftBar: Shift bar of the signal of custom indicator

Indicator Window Settings

  • Time frames of each indicators signal: M1 - MN1
  • Stochastic OBOS filter: Signal only from overbought or oversold area
  • Show/Hide Panel: Display or hide the trading panel
  • Move icon: At the top left, you can double click to select and drag to move the window

Panel Settings

  • Auto Trade button: Enable or Disable auto trade
  • Trade Mode: Buy, Sell, or both Buy & Sell
  • Lots: Trading lots/volume
  • TP: Take profit (points)
  • SL: Stop loss (points)
  • Trail Level: Level from the open price to start trailing, disabled when 0. (points)
  • Trail Step: The distance to move the last stoploss to new stoploss when Trail Level reached. (points)
  • New Bar: Open trade only on new bar
  • Martingale button: To open the martingale window
  • Close BUY button: Close all Buy orders
  • Close SELL button: Close all Sell orders
  • Close ALL button: Close ALL orders

Martingale Settings

  • Enable/Disable button: Enable or disable the martingale feature
  • Lots Multiplier: Lots multiplier
  • Distance: The distance from the last order open price (points)
  • Increment: The distance increment of each new order (points)
  • Max Trade: Maximum trade of the martingale (differ from Max Trade Non Marti)
  • Profit: The profit target to close all martingale orders (money)

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