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VADER rangebreakout martingale EA

VADER is a rangebreakout System, scalping possible... see settings in comments!!!!!

You can trade with SL.

For all timeframes.

Important: if you trade with high risk, save your deposit!


Allgemeine Einstellungen:

Lots: Lotsize

Lot Martingale Factor: martingalfactor

Schalter Max 1. Range: chose how many ranges you will trade (i use only one in BT)

Max Lot: max Lotsize

NEW safty function!!!!!!

BE schließen nach x Trades: if Vader doesn't hit the TP after x trades then his target is to close all position at BE (on/off)

x Trades: here you choose after how many trades Vader close at BE

notwendige Innenkerzen: here you can chose how many inner candle it need to be a range

Zeiteinheit: timeframe

SL / TP Einstellung:

NEW safty function!!!!!!

Schalter fixed Basis Kontostand: turn on/off to reference a fixed basis of TP (when the acc is growing TP use the same value as beginning)

Basis Kontostand: here you choose the TP reference basic acc size

TP anhand von Range:  TP dependend range size on/off

TP Faktor: Factor for TP dependend rangesize (rangesize x Factor TP)  

TP anhand von Profit: TP dependend acc size on/off

TP Prozent von Equity: Factor TP dependend equity or basic acc size)

SL anhand von Verlust: SL on/off

SL Prozent von Equity: Factor SL dependend acc size


Schalter Zeitfilter: time filter (should vader handel only in speziel time)

Handel Start Stunde: start hour

Handel Start Minute: start minute

Handel Ende Stunde: end hour

Handel Ende Minute: end minute

Schalter Range Max Größe: max range size on/off

Bereich Max Größe in Punkten: value for max range size

Schalter Range Min Größe: min range size on/off

Range Min Größe in Punkten: value for min range size

Weitere Einstellungen:

Kommentar: comment

Magic Number: magic number

Range Farbe: color of range in chart

after Live Track Record price will rise up !!! 

for demo i use Tickmill ... Live Trading i use ICMARKETS 


IMPORTANT: if you use aggressive settings safe your deposit!

hackel 2018.11.12 20:14 

have buy it 2 weeks ago.... until now running perfekt.... nearly 10% profit

seller is very helpfull with settings

hope is still growing up :)

JochenRunkel 2018.10.28 11:08 

Habe ihn im Demo ausgiebig getestet. Habe ihn heut gekauft und freue mich auf die Zukunft :-)

Bin über Youtube auf ihn gekommen -> sieht super aus.

Der Verkäufer ist sehr hilfsbereit. Habe ihn 2 mal anschreiben müssen :-) und schnell hilfreiche Antworten bekommen.

Версия 2.0 2018.11.04


now you are much more safer! you can choose after how many trades VADER close all positionen's at BE (you are faster flat when a lot of position's are open....

now you


now you can fixed the TP on a fixed value, so the TP is not go away with growing acc = more safty!