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Level Jumping

The level jumping indicator uses a number of indicators and a number of algorithms. The purpose of the indicator is designed to find trends. Added visibility to understand trends. Easy to use and simple. The user will easily detect trends.

You can use this indicator as a trend indicator on its own. Or as a trend filter along with other strategically relevant indicators. Easy to use and simple to understand trends.

Suggestions and Features

  • This indicator is a trend finding tool.
  • There are level lines on the indicator.
  • If the graph falls below 0, it is interpreted as a downward trend.
  • If the graph falls above 0, it is interpreted as a upward trend.
  • You can use it in all time frames.
  • You can use it in all pairs.


  • Trend Period - standard stochastic period setting. You should make this setting high to find bigger trends.
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