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StoneBreaker Lite

7000 Trades in 2 years live record 

Here is the Method to use StoneBreaker Lite -- >  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/joanneyip2018/seller#products

【Please do not trust any Backtest result from our EA 】If you want to upgrade to original , Please contact me for a special price .

Every second is money , stonebreaker would never waste the momentum from the market . Make 100% as soon as possible and never be stressed .

EA StoneBreaker is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and portion of lots . It will start with Scalping Strategy .

Based on hedging price action orders starts ,the following protection orders with martingale。

90% of the market is doing Range or Swing . StoneBreaker focus on it . The risk is very controlled by stoploss function.

Main target of stonebreaker is to prevent a huge drawdown even we have tested it in 3000 USD real account and DD only 9% . You do not need any knowledge , the configuration is already done for you and we have tried in real account .

For we do not believe in any backtest result and we already have done real record 10000USD become 40000USD in a month . Brokers can not kill us , because Miner Parafly know to avoid an huge holiday spread ,huge spread during crossing the market .

I will show one month of real account result . After Users should make your own .


High Risk Mode // Extreme Mode Version :


Strategy involved :

  •  Scalping 
  •  Stop Loss Level of account equity
  •  Smart way to open order and close order
  •  Auto Calculate account currency to modify the profit and Stoploss( HKD USD EUR CAD AUD
  •  Dynamic Tp to let Orders change tp to closer to breakeven when Orders reach a level .
  •  Dynamic Step Order
  •  Ma Filter to control Martingale orders open
  •  Pass range to control first orders open 
  •  Close all orders on Wed and Fri when DrawDown or Profit by USD 

Pairs and TimeFrame:

  • StoneBreaker already add a indicator table to show which pair are recommended to trade with Stonebreaker by different mode . 
  • Users also can choose your own pairs 
  • M1 chart 

Recommended balance 

  • Low Risk mode && Medium Risk mode - 1000 USD one pair 


  • Pairs - Already set default in the parameter , Users can choose which pairs to show in the indicator on the chart .
  • Use Slippage Detector - to detect the slippage or not .
  • Slippage allow by number of times - which means if 2 or more orders having a huge slippage more then 0.8pips , Ea will stop opening orders until restart the EA .
  • RiskType - Users allow to choose which Mode to trade (Low Risk , Medium Risk ) 
  • Lots 
  • MaximumLotSize Per Order 
  • MaxSpread - To prevent a huge spread during market close and market open . It will not stoploss when Huge Spread .
  • Use Stoploss of the Account DD : Use Cut Loss when DD is bigger than amount of USD .
  • Close EA after StopLoss - which means if stoploss hit , shut down EA or keep opening new orders .
  • StopLoss by USD : When "Use Stoploss of the Account DD" is true , this variable can control when to stop the EA by USD .
  • Use Takeprofit by account profit - When Account profit reach a level of USD to close all orders and restart new orders or not .
  • Close BuySell when profit : by USD
  • Shut down EA after hitting Takeprofit - After "Use Takeprofit by account profit" is active , Ea shut down or not .
  • Close by USD during selected date - When profit or Drawdown reach the level by USD only the date you have selected 
  • EndHourMon - To control when to stop the EA when "Close by USD during selected date" also reached . -1 means Allow to trade all day . Broker Time Which shown on the Chart . 
  • Time to restart On Monday - When to start on Monday Morning to avoid huge spread and unstable range . 

Recommended broker

  • All kind of account type from any broker with 1:500 leverage . 


  • This Mode with new Ea traders to make extra income monthly . Full auto with 1500USD stoploss . 

Отзывы 16
tao lin
tao lin 2020.07.31 15:33 

呢個係我買過最好用的馬丁EA 之一,十分穩定獲利,作者十分用心,產品也會新,作為用家的我肯定推薦給各位!

Ray Mongkongllite
Ray Mongkongllite 2020.05.16 19:40 

Great Ea! steady profits and great support.

Ka Sing Chung
Ka Sing Chung 2019.02.04 15:38 

This EA providing steady profit with very good support!

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tao lin
tao lin 2020.07.31 15:33 

呢個係我買過最好用的馬丁EA 之一,十分穩定獲利,作者十分用心,產品也會新,作為用家的我肯定推薦給各位!

Ray Mongkongllite
Ray Mongkongllite 2020.05.16 19:40 

Great Ea! steady profits and great support.

lorettalui 2019.03.21 06:10   

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

jpettaway01 2019.03.21 01:29 

Garbage EA. EA just lost almost 800 dollars after receiving advice from the developer. He was helpful before I rented it but no help after I rented it. Fake profits I believe

Ka Sing Chung
Ka Sing Chung 2019.02.04 15:38 

This EA providing steady profit with very good support!

Mario Schunk
Mario Schunk 2018.12.13 12:31 

EA works very good, having much fun seeing my Account Balance getting bigger and bigger :)

The Author is one of the best Guys out there, supporting his Products and helping you out when you have a Problem. Never seen so much engagement, Here I would give 10 Stars if it would be possible.

Keep on the great Work!

EAGroupPurchase 2018.12.08 03:44 

Very good support from Author,

Check the indicator every week and follow,

Stable profit will come out, very good EA

DonkeyTrader 2018.12.08 02:13 

The product has potential, the developer works very hard to bring updates and is very responsive

Tehno84 2018.11.06 22:20 

За 2 недели увеличил свой депозит с помощью этого советника на 50%. Теперь буду уменьшать риски, думаю всё будет хорошо.

yurik0 2018.11.06 18:34 

good EA !of course it can blow up your account someday , do not 100% trust to any EA and always pay attention , but how some people says here - it have potential , for sure ^ ^

P.S.changed from 3 to 5 stars because of huge support from author , ask help - get help ,very good , thanks

Chihteng Lin
Chihteng Lin 2018.11.02 12:12 

The author is a scam! You buy his product and he will ask you to do an additional "paid update" through another website. All of his products have dangerous strategies, and they are as bad as rubbish. Stay away from him / it

Sai Ming Yu
Sai Ming Yu 2018.11.02 07:37   

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Patrick 2018.10.19 09:00 

First Orders Closed. First week of use was profitable. I will update my review after one month. Since now good results. The orders may look for some people like "errors" ... But i can say ... Let it run!

Christopher Stubbs
Christopher Stubbs 2018.10.12 14:07 

Totally useless EA. Hasn't been updated in months with better features like the author promised so many times. Total rip off. I think this guy is bi-polar or something. Can never make up his mind what he wants to do. All he knows is how to take peoples money. On telegram he only shows his winning trades on stupid demo's. Total shit show.

jerry 2018.10.11 19:00 

First time trying out the system. Will update my progress down the road.

Overall, had lots of questions in regards to the EA. The Admin of this product helped me "literally" instantly and answered all my questions. Along with helpful tips.

Great customer service!!! A+

Pun Tang
Pun Tang 2018.10.09 19:46 



Версия 4.40 2019.04.18
RSI takeprofit for one direction , stop trading and restart trading again when reach the other parameter level . For example , RSI 70 close all buy order and stop buy trading until its 30 .

Button with Profit display
Версия 4.32 2019.04.11
Upgrade Maximum Orders Control .
Версия 4.31 2019.04.03
add SGD as account currency , for Singapore users
Версия 4.3 2019.01.28
-Added Full Auto Mode into Medium and low Risk mode .
Версия 3.9 2018.11.02
RUR upgrade
Версия 3.8 2018.11.02
Add RUB as account currency
Версия 3.7 2018.11.01
earlier to stop ea on wed or fri
Версия 3.5 2018.10.30
gbp added
Версия 3.4 2018.10.24
Close All button only affect the stonebreaker with same megicnumber
Версия 3.3 2018.10.12
extern comment to change
Tp by account floating profit .