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Ramo Scalp Hunter

Ramo Scalp Hunter


Ramo Scalp Hunter is a fully automated Expert Advisor that analyzes the market trend and moves orders based on stop hunting. It contains a smart algorithm to determine the hunting levels based on the latest market trends.

For safer trading, it includes protection during high spreads on the market.

It does not use martingale, hedging or any other dangerous strategies.

This EA is designed for only for EURUSD trading, best performing on the M15 timeframe.


  • Use True ECN broker with a low spread , Zero stoplevel and a low-latency VPS server
  • Use minimal deposit of 100 USD
  • Adapt risk settings according to account equity and always verify with backtest


  • My stop loss: Stop loss in pips (50 pips by default)
  • My Takeprofit: Take profit in pips
  • spreadMax: Maximum allowed spread for trading
  • TakeProfit: Take profit in pips
  • equity Manage : money management and risk controlling ( 1000 : is high risk and 3000 is low risk) 

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Версия 3.4 2019.04.06
Bug Fixed
Версия 1.3 2019.01.02
new version
Версия 1.1 2018.09.26
money management has been changed