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The expert advisor WPRh1, as the name implies, uses the native MT4 indicator, William's Percent Range, with a moving average of the oscillator and some points such as overbought and oversold levels for opening and closing orders. It's not a scalper, but it's a very fast EA, which feels the trend changes usually before the others. It will open about 3 orders per week and most will receive a large number of points, usually open at the top or bottom and covering almost the entire area of ​​the trend. The result is a nice profit with a non-dangerous DD.
WPRh1 EA was created and configured to be used only on EURUSD. And it only works on H1 time frame. No other pair or time frame is recommended.
Works perfect on a MT4, demo or real, cent accounts You will almost always buy when it is cheap and will sell when it gets expensive,
making you walk with top investors like banks and institutions.
Users can adjust the lot size. The recommended amount in a $ 100 cent account is to use 1.00 lot size.
It is strongly recommended to use this Expert Advisor in a FBS account. This broker will give the best results to WPRh1 trade

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