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Breakout Scalper Pro

Breakout Scalper Pro Is a very simple expert system that works with the Zigzag index that uses a penetration strategy. It opens trade only when it actually penetrates the market. Max deals open to titillate peaks during the days of the week on Sunday until Friday at 18H00 o'clock It is extremely easy to use, and does not need any complicated settings, just add it to the map, and will work like clockwork for you. You traded or tested on XAUUSD because we created this EA for this pair, which brought the results of the very great, but you can also any other currency pairs EURUSD .GBPUSD. USDJPY trading with changing parameters in order to obtain the best result as you want. We recommend that you perform a back test and demo test before running it on a real account.


Breakout Scalper Pro EA does not use Martingale, no hedging, no network. Always use a very small stop loss to protect your money. We set up and developed Breakout Scalper Pro EA to work on the M30 charts, and it trades better on XAUUSD. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a 1: 100 leverage or more is good. VPS . If you have a mini account, you can start using it for just $ 100 (Spread 01-20). Recommended time frame: M30

Recommended Broker  ECN Like :  alpari ، icmarkets or  tickmill Broker  for best Results


Recommended  VPS = https://www.mql5.com/en/vps

 my Signal By this expert ----------Trading on a real account-------



For Customers

Please send the author a private message to get support or help, or anything else.

Important Parameters. Please don't change them until you know what you do.


Parameters Especially

The settings for currency pairs xauusd.  EURUSD .GBPUSD. USDJPY  

The settings were set to a 15% risk

You can adjust them according to the risk you want

The settings can be downloaded from this link

1- First the numbers were set to work at a risk of 15% Anyone who trades with this magnitude of risk must be aware of the consequences

Therefore, each trader must put the appropriate risk level for him and his convictions in the trade

2- Second, the settings used in the reference are set 

Files: pips----------------- Broker five digits---------------

Files: points----------------- Broker four digits---------------

Explanation of expert settings

Parametre ZigZag 

ExtDepth  :       =      18

ExtDeviation :      =       5

ExtBackstep    :    =       3

----- Business parameters -------

Otstup_point_b:       =  0     The distance between orders from the extreme wheels for buy

Otstup_point_s  :     = 0    The distance between orders from the extreme wheels  for sell

TP_buy       :      =       Profit at points of purchase

SL_buy      :       =     Stop loss at points of purchase

TP_sell       :     =      Profit at points sales

SL_sell       :     =      Stop Loss at point sales

Start_BU   :        Profitability rate

Level_BU   :        Uroven rentability

TrailingStop  :     Trade distance

TrailingStep :      Business step

TrailingStopFr :    Trade distance  With fractal indicator

Lots       :        =    0.01   

USE_MM :  =    false I mean the size of the lot is manual

USE_MM   :          =    true  MM

Risk     :          =     15     risk (Lots=Balance*0.0001*Risk)

 --- Closing and deleting your order Friday ----

Friday:    =true Closing and deleting your order Friday

Time_End:   =21:00

slippageauto:   =  autoslippage = active   /// new update

Max_SPREAD :  =17;  Protection from Spread

Magic Number:      Each pair has a different magic number

tp_st_TrailingStop :  =   tp_st_TrailingStop (true by points) ، (false= py pips)

Due to technical problems in communication I hope everyone understands the situation since I can not communicate on the expert page or messages for this to anyone who wants to communicate with me please email us at my email / mwaswas2014@gmail.com


KikkoM 2019.02.15 16:05 

I tried it live with gold (small account). Only loss!

Expert has not been programmed to earn live.

Live loss, in demo and backtests gain, that's no good.

The author does not answer, I think it is canceled. Do not buy.

franco_moray 2019.02.11 20:13 

constant losses for 3 weeks and the creator does not respond to emails or messages that I sent regarding configurations

Ka Kit Sun
Ka Kit Sun 2019.02.07 16:46 

backtest is lie.

Badr Alobaid
Badr Alobaid 2019.02.04 06:53 

if you want to make profit with demo account, this is for you

but if you want real profit run away

Also by the way .. he deleted the real signal because of the losses

Francisco Guerra
Francisco Guerra 2019.02.04 01:53 

Demo Account Profit, Live account Loss. No recomend.

Yebo Lu
Yebo Lu 2019.02.02 14:48 

1/28 - 2/2 First week was not good. https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/luyebo144380/3144992

2-11-2/15 Third week was not bad. Let's continue.

Walid Ayyadi
Walid Ayyadi 2019.01.10 15:23 

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Версия 6.5 2019.02.03
add movestopto

add BreakEven

Auto autoslippage/SPREAD = active
Версия 6.4 2019.01.13
fixed error

Automatic slippage protection

tp and st and TrailingStop py pips : (true by points)، (false= py pips)

Add a second strategy : Trading Only the starting hour is midnight to 9 pm
Версия 6.3 2019.01.08
fixe Display Info