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Hunter EA bronze

This ea that named "Hunter EA bronze" is for automated trading. It is based on mathematical calculations using the fibonacci strategy. It is a developped basic strategies scalper. It is recommended to use it with timeframe M1.


  • magic: the magic number that you want to use to separe the orders.
  • autoLotSize: true if you want to let the ea choose the lotsize depending on the riskLevel, and false if you want to choose the lot via fixedLotSize.
  • fixedLotSize: if you put autoLotSize as false, choose the fixedlot that you want to trade with using this parameter.
  • riskLevel: choose the level that you want if you choose autoLotSize.


  • Please the ea should work alone, don't open in other charts an other ea.
  • ecn account with low spread and low commission.
  • a good vps because it opens sometimes only one trade in a week.
  • best timeframe to use with is M1.
  • recommended pair eurusd, but try with other pairs.
  • it is recommanded to use with fixed lot.

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