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Harpia FX

TimeFrame: M1.

HARPIA FX is an Expert Advisor based on news and periods of high volatility in the market.
It measures the speed of chart movements and executes orders at this point and closes them quickly.

Take advantage of the spikes, news, movements of high volatility and sudden price changes.

Linked to strategy, it has a Drowndown control system, so the loss curve can be easily controlled. It was set by default to accept a margin of 2.5% per day. If it is losing without reaching 2.5% and the balance grows again, it will drowndown and only stops operating when it actually reaches in fact 2.5% of losses in the day. And so he goes back to operating the next day, with new opportunities.

It has been tested with historical Dukascopy, so the test fidelity level is 99.9% quality.

It has a simple panel, dispensing technical knowledge of the user.

Simply set the Spread, Percentage of Risk and Percentage of Losses. All other settings in the Order Settings By Points section can be adjusted according to your wishes and experience.


  • Magic Number: ID that should be changed if you want to install Expert Advisor on different graphics, without interfering with each other and behaving like a single Expert Advisor.
  • Max Spread: 5 to 7 by default. Larger spreads are not recommended because of the strategy.
  • Risk Percent: The percentage of the balance that you accept to expose. Take the following formula into consideration before changing this number:

    • Lot Size = ((Free Balance of Account * RiskPercent) / 100) / StopLoss;
    • By default it is set to open 0.01 Lot for every 100.00 of Balance.
  • Loss Percent: 2.5% of the account per day, by default. It can be changed according to how much you accept to risk per day.
  • StopLoss: Stop Loss distance, in points.
  • StopLossTrailing: Distance between prices and Stop Loss, when profit is positive, it will trailling with prices.
  • Send Profits Daily: true or false - The Expert will send a notification on your mobile phone, showing the day's profits, at the time scheduled in Scheduled Hour, in the option below.
  • Scheduled Hour: Time to send notification of the day's profits via mobile.

Important information:

  • Top Pairs: All forex pairs that work with low Spreads: EURUSD and USDJPY are the best performers.
  • Spread: from 5 to 7. Please do not deal with Spreads larger than these.
  • TimeFrame: M1.
  • VPS recommended.

Success and Good Investments!

Konstantin Hingerl
Konstantin Hingerl 2018.09.05 18:00 

Good EA, with great dev. support and real account monitoring!

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2018.08.23 09:19 

As with any scalper, is nothing!

Версия 5.29 2019.02.12
Entry Improvments
Версия 5.28 2019.01.08
Multitimeframe Improvments
Entry Criterious Modified
Bug Fixes
Версия 5.27 2019.01.05
- Modified to work in all TimeFrames;
- Distance of Orders according to the Chart Period;
- Profit For Start Trailing according to the Chart Period.
Версия 5.26 2018.09.08
Improvment of Strategy with Moving Averages and Price Action.
Just One-Side Order per time.

Improvment of ProfitForStartTrailing on Order Settings By Points, on Panel:
If you put ProfitForStartTrailing = 0: The Trailing Stop will begin even if order is non profitable;
If you put ProfitForStartTrailing > 0: The Trailing Stop will begin only if order is profitable above your ProfitForStartTrailing value.
Версия 5.25 2018.09.05
EA Engine rewrited to best performance.
Profiles resumed into only one best internal profile.
Order Settings By Points, StopLoss and Trailing Stop parameters improved.
DrownDown Control upgraded.
Версия 5.24 2018.08.30
Implementation of Orders Settings by Points, on Panel. You can set manually.

DistanceOfOrders: Distante from Bid and Ask prices, to put a pendent order.
StopLoss: Stop Loss distance, in points.
StopLossTrailing: Distance between prices and Stop Loss, when profit is positive, it will trailling with prices.
ProfitForStartTrailing: Distance in points to set when Trailing Stop will start, i.e, when order reaches a profit you want before start trailing.
Версия 5.23 2018.08.27
-Improvement of Trailing Stop Parameters: Trailing Stop begins only when Profits is positive.
-Price Filter zone was improved.
Версия 5.22 2018.08.24
Version 5.22

- Fix for Accounts that have no Orders Limit.
Версия 5.21 2018.08.24
Version 5.21

- Filter for avoid price zones that had losses, so it is opening fewer concurrent orders for security reasons.

- Included 4 Operating Profiles:
Conservative: it open only in the high volatily;
Moderate: it open in moderate volatility too;
Aggressive: it open with low volatility too;
Insane: it open more frequently, with all 4 operating modes.