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Robust Trend Hunter

Robust Trend Hunter is a fully automated EA aiming to capture sizable movements within trends. Unlike many other EAs within the market requiring continuous update or optimization, it manages to sustainably perform well in ever-changing market conditions without intermittent adjustments. Besides, the inbuilt money management function allows you to adjust the risk level according to your personal trading objectives.

Main features

  • Sturdy trend following system that is able to withstand most market conditions and will not collapse by slightly modifying any parameters.
  • One trade at a time, no martingale.
  • Trailing stop is used in all trades so the downside is limited whilst the upside is potentially unlimited.
  • The position size of each trade is auto-adjusted to risk a fixed percentage of the account equity.
  • The imaginary capital function manages to include your capital outside the trading account when calculating the position size.

Recommended Conditions

  • Symbol: XAUUSD & EURUSD, or any efficient and trendy markets
  • Time Frame: H1
  • Minimum Capital: USD5,000 (or non-USD equivalent)


The default input parameters for Entry and Exit were optimized for robustness in multiple markets and the default money management setting is risking 1% of the account equity for each trade. You are welcome to change them according to your own preference.

magic_num: The Magic Number used to track the orders made by the EA.


  • entrysignal_period: Period of the entry signal.
  • filter_period: Period of the filter for identifying long term trend and filtering out unnecessary trades.
  • atr_period: Period of Average True Range (ATR) used to calculate stop loss
  • R_ATR_multiplier; R_ATR_multiplier x ATR = range of stop loss (R)
  • takeprofit_R_multiplier: takeprofit_R_multiplier x R = range of take profit. The default value 0 means no take profit level will be attached to open orders. It is not mandatory to set the take profit level as trailing stop is used in the system.
  • max_spread_to_R_percentage (0-100): Maximum percentage ratio of spread over R.


  • risk_percentage_per_trade (0 to 100): Percentage risk of [account equity + imaginary capital] per trade. (Recommended value: 0.5 to 2.5)
  • imaginary_capital: The capital outside your trading account (e.g. fixed deposit in the bank, your stocks, bonds, etc.) that you want to include when calculating the percentage risk per trade
  • fix_balance: Fixed balance used to calculate the percentage risk per trade. The default value 0 means does not use fixed balance and the percentage risk is calculated based on [account equity + imaginary capital].

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