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Chart Patterns Dashboard Free Version

This indicator reads all symbols from Market Watch and scans behind the latest chart pattern formed in each symbols.

The symbols are then categorized in dashboard based on its recent pattern identified.   The pattern of a particular symbol can be viewed separately in chart by left-clicking on the symbol.

In the Dashboard, if the symbol is displayed in Green color, it means that the last trading price has broken the pattern in upward direction. If Red color, the break-out is in downward direction. And, finally Blue color representation indicates the symbol is trading range-bound.

In Paid version, More than 100 symbols from Market Watch are supported. In Free version, Only first 5 symbols from Market Watch are supported.

Note: Attach this indicator to any liquid script, since pattern finding algorithm runs upon every new tick.  Attaching to only one chart is enough, you need not do individually for all chart symbols.

Alert Description: Alerts are generated automatically once the pattern has changed for any of the symbols.  The alert has 3 components PATTERNTYPE, BREAKOUT_DIRECTION & SYMBOL.

For example, 

"FW-2-AUDUSD" means FW - Falling Wedge Pattern, 2 - SUPPORT_BREAKOUT, AUDUSD - SYMBOL.

"FW-1-GBPUSD" means FW - Falling Wedge Pattern, 1 - RESISTANCE_BREAKOUT, GBPUSD - SYMBOL.

"AT-0-EURUSD" means AT - Ascending Triangle Pattern, 0 - RANGE_BOUND, EURUSD - SYMBOL.

sunnychow 2019.01.29 15:47 

Thanks for share

Yathika 2019.01.29 07:38 

bit difficult to understand, but overall good

Версия 1.1 2019.04.20
The initial version din't allow the other indicators ( it disabled the indicators coming from "Default" template) getting attached to the clicked chart. The newer version removes this limitation so that you can have the clicked chart applied with "Default" template settings.