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Hawson FX

HAWSON FX is an Expert based on Hedge strategy, that is, it buys and sells in the same financial instrument.

He is also an Expert who measures the market trend in Degrees and follows this trend. If the asset depreciates, it sells, it values, it buys.

Here are the functions of this Expert Advisor

  • Magic Number: The ID that can be modified for each chart. So it works as if it were unique, without interfering with other active asset graphs that are open and running the Expert at the same time. Simply change the Magic Number and you will have a different Expert for each asset.
  • Max Spread: You can set an acceptable Spread size to negotiate. This is the distance in points between the buy and sell price, which is passed on to your broker.
  • Exposition Control: Enabled or Disabled - This function will close the orders when they reach the maximum Drawdown set below in Max Exposition.
  • Max Exposition: The maximum allowance you allow the Expert to leave exposed, as a percentage of your account. It is not recommended to expose more than 25% of your capital.
  • Risk Percent: This is the risk factor you will initially expose to your account. This factor will calculate the size of the starting Lot. The default value of 0.5% will cause the Expert to increase by 0.01 lots every 1000 dollars. When it reaches 2000, it will initially enter with 0.02 lots, and so on. Reaching 1,000,000, it will keep the maximum entry of 10.00 lot, and will only keep from 1 million, without giving larger entries, for security reasons, and the Hedge strategy is unsustainable upon reaching the maximum lot of 50.00, because there is a maximum limit of lots and orders placed on the market.
  • Multiply Factor: This is the number of geometric progression that will multiply the last input by this factor, in case 4; For example, if in the first order he entered with 0.01, in the next he will do it with the volume of 4 times more, that is, 0.04, 0.16, 0.64, etc. Use this factor carefully. You depend on your investor profile - Conservative, moderate or aggressive.
  • Withdraw Information: The Expert will send a message to your cell via Push, telling you the profit of the day, in case you want to withdraw the amounts won. Send Balance Daily: true or false, to send or not to send this message.
  • Trade Time Manager: Time to start and end activities during the year and during the weeks to avoid gaps or high peaks during session openings.
  • Recommended Pair, Time Frame and Spread: EURUSD H1, Spread 5.
  • Leverage used: 1: 400.

Success and Good Investments!

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