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This robot is basically a robot that uses some technical indicators for calculating the best entry price. It uses trailing stop for every trade and the stop loss is based on symbol movement.
  • STRATEGY : This robot works with a unique strategy that calculates the best buystop and sellstop prices.
  • PERIOD : It doesn't work with hedging.
  • TIME FRAME : The time frame should be greater than M30.
  • BACKTESTING : It is back tested from 2010 to the end of 2017 and the result was promising.
  • RISK : This product will profit by many trading and the default risk is 0.01 that can be changed.
  • RISK SETUP : you can setup the risk in the risk bottom in expert properties
  • ASSETS : It can be used for any asset such as eur/usd, gold or ....

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