MT5 keeps ExpertLog for 8 days only!!


As explained in the Guideline:



Contains Expert Advisor log files (yyyymmdd.log). These files are created separately for each day of the EA operation, their names correspond to their creation date: yyyy stands for the year, mm  month, dd  date.

There is no explanation about deleting the expert log files.

They should be kept in this folder for ever.

Instead....surprise !  After 8 days , metatrader5 will start to delete the oldest file.

It's important, fundamental, to keep ALL the expert log files.

Through Metatarder5 tools there is no chance to modify this 8 days expiry.

Any suggestion!?

I can't believe Metaquotes decided to delete these files!

Files and Folders - For Advanced Users - Getting Started - MetaTrader 5 Help
Files and Folders - For Advanced Users - Getting Started - MetaTrader 5 Help
This section contains the description of how the platform's files and folders are stored. In the main mode of platform start, modifiable and...
Alexey Petrov  
  1. Crea un semplice file batch che copia il file dalla cartella dei registri a un'altra cartella
  2. Crea un'attività pianificata in Windows che eseguirà questo file batch con la periodicità richiesta
Alexey Petrov #:
  1. Create a simple batch file that copies the file from the logs folder to another folder
  2. Create a scheduled task in Windows that will run this batch file with the required periodicity

Thank Alexey for your suggestion.

I can do it easily.

BUT why should I set a batch file to keep these important information, instead complaining directly with Metaquotes about this stupid decision?

What's the idea behind deleting the log of the expert advisor after 8 days?!?

It's a stupid decision...whenever traders use an expert advisor, they all set a batch file to avoid   deleting of the expert log?

Do you understand it's a stupid workaround, instead setting Metatrader5 to never delete these log files?