Need help indentifying indicator

sisi: Hi, Mr. Guru could you please help me to constantly refresh an ea after each tick movement. I have tried everything, But I just can't make it refresh constantly. What lines of code must I insert to keep an ea and indicator refresh after every tick? Tnx I hope you could attach your EA so

Universal MA Cross EA

I try to make an EA for any Moving Average Cross strategy, try to make it universal. So please let me know should you have any suggestion to add to this EA. Common Setting : ----------------- StopLoss (default 100) Set your Stop Loss. Use 0 (zero) if you don't like to use Stop Loss ( not recommended

Momentum EA base on jacoba trading plan

As requested by jacoba, here is the momentum EA. Never try it and never backtest it before, so still need anyone help to backtest or forward test the EA. First visual check on the chart, this EA will suffer a whipsaw. Built in magic number, trailing stop, stop and reverse, confirmed price, and money