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Step by step

The secret of success lies in the simplicity and strength. Whether the Expert Advisor lives up to those expectations is yet to see. Undoubtedly, finding the best solutions regarding guarantee of stability is still a challenge. We hope that our product meets your expectations, regardless of whether you are a recreational or an experienced trader.

The EA has been developed for EURUSD. Please evaluate the product thoroughly before the purchase.

  • $20 per 1 month rent

Promotion is available to all customers from 30th June 2015 until 30th July 2015.

Promotion can be prolonged or terminated at any time without providing a reason.

Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/114559


  1. 5-digit brokers - recommended.
  2. Spread<2 (20).
  3. Timeframe - H1 only.
  4. StopLevel=0 - recommended.


  1. Working with 4- and 5-digit brokers.
  2. The magic number is generated automatically.
  3. Working with ECN.

On the Chart

  1. Button - Start Expert (OnTick).

Input Parameters

  • Broker: Selection.
  • Orders: The number of orders.
  • Lot: Initial lot.
  • MM: Calculate an optimal lot size (true/false).
  • MaxsimumRisk: Size of risk.
  • End_hour_trading: End trading (0-23).
  • End_day_trading: End trading.
  • SpreadMax: Max spread (spread>SpreadMax stop trade, order delete).
Gennadiy Voltornist
Gennadiy Voltornist 2017.02.16 10:41 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera
Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera 2016.12.16 01:08 

Is much better than the "Step by Step Mini" (The bad EA who doesn´t controlls the slippage and then remove some stop). But this EA is something different and probably good. Of course with this EA also you won´t can change the low risk default with this inputs of EA

Gary Davis
Gary Davis 2015.12.08 13:22 

Seems Safe and very consistent profits. I am glad I found this one.

Always great support to make sure the EA work perfectly.

Version 3.0 2015.12.10
New inputs:

- Choice of trade - Expert/manual trading.
- Parameter - parameter of optimization.
- TF Buy - levels M30/H1/H4/D1.
- TF Sell - levels M30/H1/H4/D1.
- Trend - true/false.
- Take Profit.
- Stop Loss and Trailing Stop.
- Trailling - true/false.
- Delay - true/false (delay Trailing Stop).
- Delay in pips.
- New money management.
- Spread Max - spread&gt;Spread Max orders delete.
- Slippage.
- Magic Number - Note! Manual not automatic.
- Time - true/false True= trade Start/Stop, False= trade stop only.
- Manual Trading (description).
- Press key numer 1 - setting orders [demo and real].
- Key Esc - Reset [demo and real].

You have a problem? Please write.
Version 2.0 2015.09.09
Additional Magic number.(four EA on one currency pair - max).
Parameter no enum/int. (former enum P_20 = int 20).
Version 1.80 2015.08.26
Tuning = 1 (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD etc.) = 10(USDPLN, EURPLN etc.) set empirically. Tuning is always greater than 0.
Selection - system_1/system_2.
System_buy - levels H1/H4/D1.
System_sell - levels H1/H4/D1.
SL_buy - StopLoss and TrailingStop.
SL_sell - StopLoss and TrailingStop.
Additional TrailingStop.
Trailing = true/false.
Version 1.70 2015.08.19
System_buy - levels H1/H4.
System_sell - levels H1/H4.
SL_buy - StopLoss and TrailingStop.
SL_sell - StopLoss and TrailingStop.
Dual Money Management.
Version 1.60 2015.07.31
- filter (Likelihood analysis)

- code optimization
Version 1.40 2015.07.15
fixed an error=1
◾Trailing: Trailing_Pips / Trailing_Candle .
◾Trailing_Step -Correction for real account.(If any errors occur in the Expert / Journal)
◾Start_Expert- True/False.
◾Spread_Max: Max spread (spread greater than SpreadMax && OrderOpenPrice-Spread_distance stop trade, order delete).
◾Critical_Spread - (spread greater than Critical_Spread stop trade, order delete).
◾MaximumRisk - no int /double.

Version 1.20 2015.07.07
Fixed settings.
Parameter-parameter optimization.