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Pro Pips

The Expert Advisor adapts to any symbol with any spread. This is not a scalper and not arbitration. The algorithm uses averaging positions. Proven to work on real account (see screenshots). The robot supports simultaneous work with any number of characters. Good for rebate. Use it on M15. For more information and recommendations, see below.

The EA each tick calculates the direction and amount and, on this basis, opening and closing positions. Stop loss is the option "Regenerate after DD,%" - restart the EA after a drawdown (in percentage) on the symbol where the EA is running.


  1. Recommended Intel Core-i3 (low mode), Core i5 (middle mode) and Core i7 (high mode).
  2. Required free RAM: low – 1 MB/symbol, middle – 10 MB/symbol and high – 100 MB/symbol.
  3. Continuous operation of the terminal and an Internet connection.
  4. Restriction orders > 500.


  1. It is recommended choosing a Deposit amount (in dollars) exceeding the value of Risk; if the Deposit is not enough, then use a cent account.
  2. Connect the Rebate option.
  3. Before you start trading in real mode, check the EA in the strategy tester at least on the control points to estimate the Risk and Frequency parameters. Adjust them if necessary.


  • Time Filter – time filter; HourStart – start; HourEnd - end hour by the terminal time;
  • Hedging (or Сlosing) Before Weekend – hedging (or closing if FIFO=true) before weekend;
  • Hour Of Closing Before Weekend – hour of closing before the weekend;
  • Volume Filter – filter of volatility;
  • Volume Limit (0 - auto, not 0 - manual) – limit of volatility;
  • kVolume, work if Volume Limit=0 – volatility multiplication factor;
  • HourOfDeletingHedge – hedge removal hour;
  • Antitrend Filter – Antitrend filter;
  • ----- From, relative lots – the filter works when the value of relative lots is greater than this parameter;
  • Auto Reverse – Auto Reverse filter;
  • ----- From, relative lots – start the filter operation;
  • ----- To, relative lots – end of the filter operation;
  • Reduce Positions – reduce opening orders on the same candle;
  • AutoSave – autosave;
  • Risk – risk;
  • Strategy – strategy;
  • Adaptive – automatic calculation of volatility (applicable to Strategy_1 and Strategy_2);
  • AdaptiveBars (work if Adaptive=True) - number of bars for calculating the volatility in the Adaptive mode;
  • ManualVolatility (work if Adaptive=False) - setting volatility manually;
  • Loading – load (low – 100-1000 calculations per tick, middle – 1000-10 000, high – 10 000 - 100 000);
  • Frequency – trade frequency (<0.001 – high, >0.01 – low). The interval between performed deals is Frequency*Balance/Risk;
  • Max.Total lots relative value – maximum total volume = Max.lot relative value*Balance/Risk;
  • Auto regeneration – automatic restart of the EA;
  • Forced Regeneration – forced restart of the EA (works if Auto regeneration =True);
  • Auto Regenerate From Days – when auto regeneration is enabled, restart is performed after a specified number of days;
  • Regenerate after DD,% – reset the EA after it has experienced a drawdown;
  • Close And Stop After DD,% – once the specified drawdown is reached, the EA closes the open direction and stops trading;
  • Close And Stop If Equity Less – if the account equity is less than this parameter, the EA closes the open direction and stops trading;
  • Stop Open New If DD More – stop opening positions if the drawdown is greater than the specified parameter;
  • Slippage – maximum acceptable slippage in points;
  • Magic Number – unique number of the EA's trades;
  • Orders Comment - order comment;
  • FIFO - enable/disable FIFO mode for some brokers;
  • Fixed Balance (if=0, then FixBalance=AccountBalance) - fix the balance. All the calculations will be based on this parameter. 0 - use the current account balance;
  • Open And Close Positions Equal To DeltaLot - open/close orders with size equal to DeltaLot;
  • Partition close - allow partial closing of orders;
  • Limit Orders of Symbol (0 - No Limits) - limit opening orders for the current symbol, 0 - no limits;
  • Limit Total Orders (0 - No Limits) - limit opening all orders with the current MagicNumber, 0 - no limits.
  • Commission - compensation of trade commission.
error error
2017.03.26 09:40 

Разочаровался в авторе и всех его советниках.

Прибыль небольшая, теряется при сливе стратегии больше заработанного в разы.

Советник хорош только в тестере, оптимизирован ТОЛЬКО под историю.

Последние обновления советника так же, не более чем оптимизация под ближайшую историю и сливы советника.

Регулярно сливающиеся сигналы автора тому подтверждение.

Manabu Yanagita
2016.11.24 23:06 


Dangerous EA!!

David Garcia
2016.11.24 08:23 

This is not a plug and play EA. After setting it up I think you still need to understand and track high timeframes trends, chart dynamics and critical unexpected events impact. It is not required to track it on an intraday base but in a daily/weekly one. Test it deeply. Run it on demo accounts. Get used to it before running on a real account. Use your common sense. Said this I have to add that for me this is a high quality EA. A must have one. Sergery is a very smart and professional developer. The best one I have dealed with in this market. Thank you master!

2016.11.16 08:52 

Отличный зарабатывающий советник! Но только в боковике!!! Чтобы избежать больших просадок я использую фильтр Autoreverse. Но есть пары, где этот фильтр работает плохо, нужно менять параметр To Relative lots + на самых волатильных парах помимо Autoreverse я использую Volume Filter. По тестам получается, что и просадка меньше и доходность больше.

Vladimir Vedeneev
2016.11.15 09:56 

Скажу свое мнение. С данным советником живу полгода. К сожалению, но советник не переживает сильные движения и как только они случаются, он сначала наоткрывает кучу сделок, а потом при коррекции закрывает их в минус. Как результат через полгода получили суммарно 30% минуса по счету. Две звезды ставлю чисто за отзывчивость автора, который как мантру всегда твердит одно "это рынок и никто никаких гарантий не даст и то, что он сливает, ну значит такой рынок".

Вообщем если уверены что будет флет в диапазоне 200 пунктов, то можно его включать. Если будет движение в 600-800 пунктах, то готовьтесь к сливу.

Что касается алгоритма. На мой субъективный взгляд алгоритм не сильно отличается от сетки. Только сетка старается быть прибыльной, а тут не старается и по своим внутренним критериям закрывает минусы.

На коротком промежутке алгоритм показывает неплохие результаты, если попадете во флет. Не предназначен для того, чтобы поставить и забыть!!! Будьте осторожны!

Paul Thatcher
2016.09.03 20:24 

I love this EA. You can use it on any pair; there are so many settings it can take a while to decide on good settings for each pair. In my opinion it is important to determine whether a pair should be run on autoreverse or not. I would not run on risk less than 6000. With a good sized account you can run many pairs and while a few may be in drawdown others will be making profits so equity increases. I like running Pro pips with Hot Point which can at times provide something of a hedge. Thank you Sergey

Ryan Mann
2016.02.11 08:46 

I cant believe I have not submitted a review for this EA! Well here it is short and sweet, many know me here for bashing a lot of stuff because most of it is shit. However, I think for me, Pro Pips is no doubt the best EA!

At the time of writing this review I have been using Pro Pips now for over 6 months on a live account 10K+. Back testing is a must for this to find what risk works for you and to see how the EA will perform but I think overall this EA will be good for long term growth as it has a very adaptive algo and will close out positions at the right time if unprofitable with not too big of a loss. For all the people who complain the EA is not good is simply because they never did the homework or learned about the EA.

For me, this EA is my holy grail.

Pawel Czechowski
2016.02.07 23:41 

Afer few updates it works finally superb. Constant check is needed to keep the performance on top level though.

Recommended for all who cares about profits in long term and additional income from rebates.

Fabio Geraci
2015.10.22 15:16 

Well I think it is time for a 5 star review.

I rented the EA on monday last week, went live on a small budget, follow the doctors orders, and went medium, 4 pairs, strategy_1.

Account is up 17%.

Sergey is helpful and polite, answerers all question, in my case many stupid. I will buy and update review at the end of the month, and I will publish myfxbook results.

After 2 + months of trying to get this ea to be consistently in profit, i regret to say I stop using it, no matter what setting you use as soon as there is a big move the EA is not capable to handle it and quickly goes negative.

2015.10.20 09:59 

this EA earn you good profit, but sooner or later will crash your account.

the author adviced me to withdraw my profit once I get it.

Chi Hong Au Yeung
2015.10.15 05:17 

This EA is these one out there where you earn some profits and burns out your account in a day, specially using Hedge and Martin. Think twice before you put in on live account. It kills my Strategy Tester account so i rate the lowest, it can't even be profitable under my Strategy Test, I think i have just wasted the money to purchased it.

[Thump Down]

[Thump Down]

[Thump Down]

[Thump Down]

[Thump Down]

Joel Simmons
2015.10.06 13:28 

Sergey is extremely nice, responsive, and professional. I asked him what seems like hundreds of questions, and he always response quickly and in detail.

Now, the issue…..much like the people commenting below, is this EA almost blowing my entire account within 30 minutes. Luckily, I was at my PC and witnessed the decline fast enough to stop the EA from draining the entire account. I am still $5,000 in the negative. I’m confident that when the markets return to normal, the EA could make that back…..but still……..I’m losing sleep tonight I’m sure.

So I honestly did believed this was the best EA on the market (still has the potential to be). But boy-oh-boy did we find a major flaw today. My question is, why this EA opens so many of the same position at the same time but different lot sizes? Is that simply just part of the strategy? Why can’t the EA detect extremely volatile price movements and know when to stop entering the market (understand that the trades already live were doomed, but to keep entering in new ones!!!)? Or, at the very least hedge some of these positions. In general, people expect an EA to self-manage itself. Something needs to be built to prevent this going forward. I have the “PA Trade” and “Adaptive Scalper EA” with open trades at the same hours, and both of them handled those spikes a lot better. They both closed out the losing positions and let the open positions run…so it wasn’t just luck.

I don’t know the strategy nor the programming, but it clear that something is needed to protect such a drawdown in rare situation like this other than the regenerate options. Most of the people who purchased this EA are probably not available to lower the risk around news trading time and then raising it afterwards. Price speed fluctuations can be calculated. I believe this is a perfect opportunity to build this feature in, and I promise you this will be by far the best EA I’ve ever purchased.

8/27 update - I forgot to mention on my review, for US residents, the FIFO mode actually worked out pretty well. However, on the black Monday it also completely crashed.

10/6 - Since more options have been added, the EA has improved.

Stacey B.
2015.09.14 18:29 

Sometimes good, sometimes not. Average profit is 0, though deposit remains the same with no losses. EA opens lots of orders, looks kinda scary. Support is super great. So, gave it a neutral rate.

Peng Liu
2015.09.05 05:34 


Zhiteng Wang
2015.08.31 13:35 

Great EA

2015.08.29 21:06 

Edit 29th Aug 2015:

Last weeks Monday was extraordinary and the loss of these accounts was unfortunate. A lot of other EA's wiped out accounts as well.

The strategy of this EA is still very good and providing that this kind of "Black" Mondays are not happening that often or the author will add some kind of protection (i.e. volatility combined with price movement filter) this EA can go far.

Edit 24th Aug 2015:

I really liked the robot but I have to give this review after it totalled four accounts, two of them with a very low risk setting.


Rented the EA first for one month and had to buy it now. Must be one of the best EA's in the market!

Real account results: http://myfxrobots.com/2015/08/529/

Mohamed Elsayed
2015.08.28 22:44 

Update 28th of August:


I lost A LOT on Monday, (more than 60k), NOT only from Pro Pips, but also from some other methods including manual. I was surprised, yes. Feel sad, yes. But I can accept the lose. Because losing in trading is a part of the game.

Also, I am not lowering my stars for this product because I think the Author has done nothing wrong with my trading activity. What was wrong was 'the market' (Blame China if you will hehe). It's like... one day I am buying a nice car, and then out of no where my car was hit by a tank and wiped out. I can't yell to a car company that they should've made the car 'tank resistant' lol

Whatever happened, happened. I can't 'blame' the author for my lose, because actually I have control over my whole account and trading activity. Say like... When I first noticed the DD was higher than usual on Friday, I should've 'turned off' the EA for a while, but I didn't. lol, so part of it was my mistake!

I know, it's tiring when you have build so much and then you lose it all and have to start over again from the beginning. But I believe we all learned something from Black Monday: LOWER THE RISK :-)


I just purchased this EA Today. I set up the EA in VPS. I have to admit I am AMAZED by this EA.

I was very surprised when I was setting up the EA in the server (I was trying to set up for 10 pairs in one account) I was not even done with the 5th pair, and the last 4 pairs already opened and closed and gave me income of 1% profit from the equity in less than 10 minutes!!!

Now that I am done with all 10 pairs, and it already running about 1 hour, and it keeps opening trades. Some lose, many wins. If in less than 1 hour it can give profits, I can't wait to see what will happen in a week!! :-)

I am very excited. I will monitor this EA and I will update you all.

The author has been very very helpful and reply so fast to all my questions.

Thank you Sergey! Nice to know you!

2015.08.25 10:14 

Притча об ученике и учителе.

— Я так несчастен… Наверное, я – плохой человек, — жаловался ученик учителю.

— Ты – не плохой человек, но тебе нужно измениться.

— Как же так? Если я – не плохой, то зачем мне меняться?

— Давай-ка лучше я тебе покажу, – посоветовал учитель.

Он дал ученику свирель с просьбой сыграть любую мелодию. Ученик играть на свирели не умел, но поднес инструмент к губам, стал в него дуть и попеременно закрывать отверстия. Ничего, кроме свистящих и хрипящих звуков, из свирели не выходило.

— Видишь, что получается, — сказал учитель. — А если ты выучишься на ней играть, музыка станет совсем иной. Что же изменится? Играть будешь тот же ты, и свирель будет той же, и руки, и воздух, но... Это будет совершенно другая музыка, которая будет успокаивать, лечить и возносить душу.

Знай, в тебе есть все, что необходимо. Оно может казаться плохим, но лишь потому, что ты еще не умеешь извлекать из него гармонию. Когда ты научишься управлять мыслями и волей, тогда в руках твоей души эти инструменты станут послушными. Тогда ты поймешь, что недостатки — не что иное, как твои самые яркие добродетели, которыми ты пока не научился пользоваться.

Советник Pro Pips это умение учителя. Браво, Сергей!

Вот и пришло сильное движение. Кстати, лично меня автор предупреждал, что использовать Стратегию_2 с риском 1500 на депозите 2000 и Стратегию_Файл с риском 2000 на депозите 2000, которые были на сигнале, заработавшем 700% под управлением автора, это рискованное занятие для всего депозита. Вообще, у меня правило - после покупки тестирую на демо-счете до сильных движений цены и смотрю как советник с ними справляется. И еще одно правило - если стратегия способна сохранять депозит, значит она прибыльная, т.к. прибыли будет к чему прилипать.

Оценку не буду менять, т.к. моя оценка это аванс автору в части доработки стратегии на сохранение депозита. И не обязательно менять советник - бывает достаточно изменить подход к торговле. Разные есть варианты. Напр., использовать стоп-лосс мин. уровня маржи по каждому инструменту или всему депозиту, разделение депозита на 2 части: одна на торговлю, вторая на запас (ведь было 700%, и за вычетом 100% убытка все равно остается 600%). Торговую часть депозита тоже можно разделить на неск. частей с разными вариантами мани-менеджмента (по одному - прибыль оставлять, как было с сигналом 700%, по второму - снимать прибыль выше 100% депозита, по третьему - снимать прибыль выше 200% депозита). Такой диверсификацией можно, как минимум, сохранить 100% депозита. И все это без изменения логики советника.

2015.08.25 03:25 

This EA is one of those that you buy, get a temporary profit and sooner or later it breaks your account, Lucky me to have not put all my capital in the account when it worked. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AND A NOBODY. I think Sergey the author of this EA It could be more sensato with the situation because no one here buying EXPERT ADVISOR to break account. I have three experts running on other accounts and all intact, lost the minimum possible. You have to fix it so it does not happen again.

2015.08.24 19:34 

This application killed my account, I lost over 4000 usd, people, becareful, lost of money!! really!

2015.08.24 19:29 

Update (2015.08/24) : The EA blow my $5,500account completely. One star for now. Let's see how the developer will update it. The EA should can analyze the chart movement!

I rented this EA a week ago and I already got 12.5% of gain with 10% of drawdown. I will likely buy this product when my renting period almost over.

This EA works very good so far. You totally deserve 5 stars.

I will always update this review. And at the end of August I will post my MyFxbook here so you guys know how it performs.

Let's see how it goes. I will always update this review

And for Sergey, he is very friendly. All of my questions were answered just in minutes. Very good quality of service and product!

Konstantin Artykhov
2015.08.24 17:53 

Данный советник это просто развод на деньги. При работе не наблюдается НИКАКИХ стопов. Он просто ждет когда цена прийдет обратно. Хорошо, что я брал этот НЕГАТИВ только в аренду. И спасибо собственной мудрости не стал ставить его на реальные деньги. То что он(советник) сотворил с демо депозитом это кроме как ЧУДОМ назвать нельзя. С $1800 до $34 на пару часов. Своего рода рекорд. Причем все настройки ПОЛНОСТЬЮ согласовывались с автором. Лично мое мнение, что этот советник никак нельзя продавать в том виде какой он сейчас. И на месте автора, после всего случившегося, я бы снял временно такой советник с продажи до устранения причин. А новый советник дал бы потестить тем людям которые потеряли СВОИ ДЕНЬГИ, благодаря ошибке программиста. Но, у каждого свое мнение. Посмотрим чем руководствуется автор))) Карманом или совестью.

Chirag Brahmbhatt
2015.08.24 17:24 

Luckily I closed all the charts n trades... from $10500 usd to straight $7100 usd in no time ( With safe risk 5000 ). One star for now. Will wait for an update next time to edit my rating!

Nurudeen Amedu
2015.08.24 16:16 

EA wiped my account, not a good product

2015.08.24 14:35 

Brokers will always win especially with EA like this. Some clever type of martingale which will eventually die a spiral death at the long run. Still a smart EA and helpful author.

Mul Lins
2015.08.24 05:29 

Such a shame, I had high hopes for this EA. I admit I ran a little too high risk at first so I took a small loss and reduced the risk. Even then the account went into a massive drawdown due to current market conditions. The ea just kept opening buy/sells in the complete opposite direction from the trend. Yes there is a reverse button but by then it is too late. I also know a couple of others who have completely wiped out their entire accounts ($1,000's) on very low risk (5000). Sorry to leave the first bad review, another EA too good to be true.

Pavel Volkov
2015.08.17 21:16 

Отличный советник. Отличный автор. Отличные результаты.

Советник стоит 600 usd, но мне он достался бесплатно. Два месяца назад я подписался за 20 usd на сигнал Сергея и за 2 недели заработал на советника. После покупки я установил его на облачный VPS и следуя советам автора запустил его торговлю.

Торгуя с умеренными динамическими рисками, которые я изменяю по несколько раз в день, я увеличил свой депозит почти вдвое за 1 месяц. Подтверждением моих слов пусть служит мой сигнал _www.mql5.com/ru/signals/125580

Сергей, браво! Продолжайте удивлять нас своими идеями.

Ivan Filatov
2015.07.23 21:11 

Купил данного советника неделю назад. И сразу попал в яму по NZDJPY, не писал отзыв, ждал как разрулит, смотрел. Что тут говорить, все РАЗРУЛИЛ!!! Пожалуй лучшее, что я видел из систем без жесткого стопа. Несмотря на кол-во функций, установка советника составила не более 15 минут, сразу открыл ордера и понеслась. Автор отвечает на все вопросы, уверен, что так и будет продолжаться. Робота рекомендую. 5 звезд!!!

Lingxiang Zhang
2015.07.14 14:00 

Smart EA,interesting strategy,many orders and profitable.

But Keep in mind that control your own risk!

Vadim Pataev
2015.07.08 09:58 

Взял в аренду советника. На самом деле я пока ничего лучше не видел. Спасибо Сергею за труды. Поддержка на высоте. Помогает с настройками и оптимизацией, дает советы по использованию. Несмотря на то что я вначале эксплуатации допустил ошибки, советник уже компенсировал потери и заработал денег на его приобретение.

Maxim Kirillov
2015.07.07 23:46 

Взял в аренду на месяц и уже через несколько дней могу поставить 5 звезд: отличный алгоритм, не зависящий от скорости исполнения, спреда и прочего.

Чем больше депо, тем лучше работает, как ни странно. Если нет свободных 5-10тыс, то запустите на реальном центовом счете и понаблюдайте.

Alexander Konyukhov
2015.06.29 21:18 

Купил этот советник. Хорошо так торгует, мне нравится за 2 дня уже 10% при легких настройках и маленькая просадка. Стоит на реальном и демо счете.

Сергей спасибо тебе за советник !

Version 3.2 - 2017.07.07
Fixed the Reduce filter
Version 3.1 - 2017.05.31
1) Added parameters: ManualVolatility, AdaptiveBars.
Version 3.0 - 2016.12.15
1. Updated the procedure for closing positions for FIFO, which could fail in some cases.
2. Added option SpreadLimit. If the current spread is above this parameter, the EA will operate in the position closing mode.
3. Changed the default settings. VolumeFilter=False (wasTrue), Strategy=Strategy_1 (was Strategy_2), Loading=Low (was Middle_High).
4. Changes allowing to trade on periods other than M15, but note that on other periods the algorithm will be different. The EA has been developed and is recommended for use on the M15 timeframe.
5. Added Strategy_low for quick testing.
Version 2.9 - 2016.09.13
1) Fixed the function for closing the SELL orders according to the FIFO rule.
2) Added the Commission parameter
Version 2.8 - 2016.04.19
Fixed the situation in which the 'Hedge' was not placed if the 'Close Open New If DD More' filter was triggered
Version 2.7 - 2016.03.11
Changed the calculation procedure of the parameters CloseAndStopIfEquityLess and StopOpenNewIfDDMore. Previously, these parameters depended on the total balance value (or fixed balance, if FixBalance&gt;0), now only on the profit (loss) of the current pair with the MagicNumber.
Version 2.6 - 2016.02.02
Added parameter:
Stop Open New If DD More - Stop opening new positions if the current drawdown has exceeded this parameter.
Version 2.5 - 2015.12.23
Added options:

- Open And Close Positions Equal To DeltaLot=False – open and close orders with a volume equal to DeltaLot;
- Partition close=True – partial closing of positions; If you want an order to completely close, set to False;
- Limit Orders of Symbol (0 - No Limits)=0 – limit opening positions for this symbol;
- Limit Total Orders (0 - No Limits)=0 – limit opening positions for all symbols with the current Magic Number.

Fixed a rounding off to the minimum lot size to prevent frequent openings and closures of small positions.

Added the daily renewal of the medium volatility values for ”Volume Filter” (works if Volume Limit=0, Adaptive=True). Previosuly, this value was updated only during the regeneration process. If the value of the Volume Limit=0, Adaptive=False, the value of volatility is 800 and Volume Limit=800*kVolume;

When the maximum level of open positions on the account is reached, only a notification is activated.
Version 2.4 - 2015.11.19
Fixed a bug, which could incorrectly open and close a position.
Version 2.3 - 2015.11.16
1. Added the Fixed Balance - Virtual balance. If less than or equal to 0, it will use the account Balance (the default value). If &gt; 0, then all calculations are performed for the balance set in this parameter.
2. Added saving the Fixed Balance parameter.
Version 2.2 - 2015.10.16
Added button StopOpenNew - when pressed, no new positions are opened, the calculation process continues.
Version 2.1 - 2015.09.18
Upgraded engine. This version is recommended for upgrading. The default values in comparison with the version 1.10 enabled the following filters and options: Volume Filter, Antitrend Filter, and Reduce Positions. Other options and additions disabled, and can be used for manual customization.
1. Returned control procedure MaxLots, as in version 1.10.
2. Fixed loading settings MaxLots and DeltaLots from version 1.10.
3. Fixed display line of the trading channel.
4. Fixed alert on exceeding the Volume Limit.
5. Added option HourAutoDeleteHedge - hour, the next day after which a hedge order (set because of an excess volatility) is removed.
6. Added option kVolume, the multiplication factor Volume Limit, works if Volume Limit=0.
7. Added Time Filter. Orders are hedged at the end of the trade. In the beginning of a trade, the hedge order is deleted, while open orders remain.
7.a. HourStart - trading start time, in hours of the terminal time.
7.b. HourEnd - trading end time, in hours of the terminal time.
8. When FIFO = True, hedging is replaced by remembering and closing all positions (for Volume Filter, Time Filter).
9. Added option HourOfDeletingHedge - hour, the next day after which a hedge order is removed. Default = 1.
Version 2.0 - 2015.09.14
- Added a volatility filter Volume Filter; If the level of volatility is exceeded, positions for the pair are hedged using a locking order, which is automatically removed the next day, or manually. Parameters:
a. Volume Filter — enable/disable filter;
b. Volume Limit — level volatility in points (0-auto); Recommended 80-200.
- Added lines showing the levels.
- Added filter Antitrend; Parameters:
a. Antitrend Filter – enable /disable filter;
b. ----- From, relative lots – the filter works, if Relative Lots is larger than this value. Recommended 0.001-1
- Added option AutoReverse; Parameters:
a. Auto Reverse – enable/disable option;
b. ----- From, relative lots - the filter works, if Relative Lots is larger than this value. Recommended 0.001-1
c. ----- To, relative, lots - the filter works, if Relative Lots is below this value. Recommended 0.001-1
- Added option Reduсe Positions - Reduces the number of positions during strong movements. true/false — disable enable.
- Added AutoSave MaxLots and Frequency;
- Changed the MaxLots control procedure, internal calculations of the lot (Relative Lots) will not exceed MaxLots.
- Added button Set Hedge. Opens a locking position. It opens an opposite order for the pair, the trade is terminated until the locking position is removed.
- Added button Delete Hedge. Removes the previously opened locking position. When pressed, removes the locking order, internal calculations are moved to a distance from the open price to the Close price of the locking order. Trading is resumed.
- Changed Pause button assignment. Now when the button is pressed, the trade is terminated, but the activity of all the buttons is maintained.
- Added option to Forced Regeneration. Not waiting for orders to be closed. Works when the Auto Regeneration is enabled.
- Added parameter to Close&Stop after DD,% - close positions and stop trading for the pair after the drawdown.
- Added parameter to Close&Stop If Equity Less – close positions and stop trading for the pair if Equity is less than the value of the parameter.
- Changed the default parameter Loading to middle-high.
Version 1.10 - 2015.08.28
1. Added the "Trade not allowed" message when Auto-trading is disabled.
2. Fixed an error in the Regenerate After DD% function. Fixed erroneous cyclic restart of the EA.
3. Increased operation speed by 5-10% due to the code optimization.
Version 1.9 - 2015.08.20
1) Added new value to the Loading parameter which is "middle-high". Requires CPU which is 10-20% bigger than middle and more stable than middle. It is recommended instead of middle and high.
2) Added the "Close&Stop" button – if pressed, the EA will stop trading after a series of orders is closed. When the event comes, it will give an alert.
3) Fixed the code to prevent "hanging up" of the EA.
Version 1.8 - 2015.08.10
1. Fixed a bug that could occur when reaching the maximum number of open orders.
2. Added some security checks.
Version 1.7 - 2015.07.21
Before updating, press the Save button.

What's new:
1. Upgraded the autosave function.
Version 1.6 - 2015.07.09
Improved FIFO system for USA.
Version 1.5 - 2015.07.07
ATTENTION!!! The update will restart the EA. Orders can be closed. Update only when you have a small number of orders (Equity is approximately equal to the Balance).

1. Added AutoSave of the EA every 15 minutes (the AutoSave parameter), as well as manually saving (the Save button). After saving, you can reset the terminal and the Advisor. AutoSave will save your position against accidental closure of the terminal. AutoSave in the "high" mode with multiple currencies may cause some delays in the work of the expert (if this happens, turn off AutoSave).
2. Added the Pause button. When it is clicked, the EA stops opening lots. Good to use before news release. The caption on the button is illuminated red when pause is clicked.
3. Added the FIFO for USA parameter. Closing orders by FIFO rule for the USA.
4. Added the ability to change the comment to orders.
5. Increased download speed.
6. Added the Reverse button. It reverses all positions of the current symbol.
Version 1.4 - 2015.06.26
Fixed loading of files with the strategy for 2-and 4-digit servers.