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Fractal Alarm

If you like to be informed about price movements by alerting on Metatrader or receiving it by E-mail then this is what you need.

This tool uses The Fractals to draw 2 lines. One line is for the last up fractal and other is for the last down-fractal.

If the price moves out of these lines you will get informed by alert or E-mail.


  • Finds last price top and bottom
  • Alerts when price goes outside of last top and bottom
  • 3 ways of alerting : Comment on screen, Alerts by alarm, Sends E-mail.
  • You can customize alarm by setting price x pips distances from top and bottom.
  • You can customize line color and styles.


  • Pips above the Up-fractal: Number of pips above from top.
  • Pips below the Down-fractal: Number of pips below from bottom.
  • Show Comment: Show or hide on-screen comments.
  • Show Alarm: Enable or disable alarm.
  • Send E-mail: Enable or disable sending E-mail.
  • Line Color: Choosing line color.
  • Line Type: Pick a style for line.
2017.03.17 18:51 

so far so good

thank free indikator dude!

this is work for me

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 12:33 

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