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MV Golden Levels

MV Golden Levels is a powerful indicator displaying important price levels. You can combine this indicator with MV Powerful Candle, MV RSI Trend or other indicators for creating a profitable trading system. Screenshots depict a trading system using MV Golden Levels and MV RSI Trend indicators.


  • LevelsWidth: Level line width
  • DailyLevels: Show daily levels
  • DailyBullish: Color of daily bullish levels
  • DailyBearish: Color of daily bearish levels
  • WeeklyLevels: Show weekly levels
  • WeeklyBullish: Color of weekly bullish levels
  • WeeklyBearish: Color of weekly bearish levels
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Version 2.0 - 2015.07.27
H1 Golden Levels + H4 Golden Levels