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Smoothed CCI


1. Smoothed. It filters the noises you have on CCI caused by market volatility. It uses a superior non-lagging algorithm from digital signal processing methods.

2. Show original CCI and YSAB_CCI (Smoothed CCI). It is capable to optionally show original CCI coincident with YSAB_CCI (Smoothed CCI).

3. Dynamic Adjustable CCI level. It uses Dynamic Adjustable CCI level instead of static +100 and -100 levels. This indicator uses statistics and maths by probing market moves, candle size, CCI values and the indicator history value to investigate the real overbought and oversold areas more accurately. By having the accurate value for oversold and overbought area, the indicator is capable of showing the best points of enter/exit and also prevents false (too early or too late) enter/exit.

4. Entry Point signalling. This indicator shows you the entry points on a chart by drawing a non-repainting arrows. You can set the decision points made by the current candle or by the last close candle. In case you select Last_Closed_Candle, the indicator waits to have the candle close and then decides whether it is SHORT or LONG.

5. CCI false Move control. Have you ever seen extreme Buy (Sale), CCI over-shoot in overbought (oversold) happening and after that, a candle goes up (down) more but CCI goes down (up)? This is what happens for most of indicators on extreme areas. This indicator optionally is capable to control such wrong moves on CCI.


The minimum required bars to have acceptable calculation for overbought and oversold levels (boundaries) is 10 000 bars.

The optimum required bars to have fine calculation of the overbought and oversold levels is 70 000.


  • CCI Period – like the original CCI.
  • HowMany – number of bars for drawing overbought and oversold levels (boundaries). Due to required high maths and statistic calculation, do not set HowMany to more than 1 000 to avoid the indicator freeze.
  • Averaging_Period – smooth the CCI moves as a superior non-lagging and non-overshooting digital filtered Moving Average.
  • Show_CCI – enable drawing the original CCI with YSAB_CCI simultaneously.
  • CCI_Move_Control – have you ever seen the bars goes up but CCI moves down or vise versa in overbought (oversold) areas? This is to control such wrong moves.
  • Reverse_Boundary – reverse overbought and oversold against a zero level.
  • Boundary – select if the calculation of overbought and oversold boundary levels is performed over original CCI or YSAB_CCI.
  • Signal_Decision – in case you select Last_Closed_Candle, the indicator waits to have the candle close and then decides whether it is SHORT or LONG.
  • Indicator Type – histogram or line.
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Version 1.3 - 2015.10.06
- Changed the arrow codes.
- The code is like "Intelligent CCI" with better history chart bars handle.
Version 1.2 - 2015.06.11
1- Bug fix - Array out of Range access in Charts with limited history fixed.

2- Option to enable/disable Signalling (Arrow drawing)

3- Internal Control mechanism, to avoid MetaTrader Terminal freeze in case of over calculation for dynamic oversold and overbought area determination.