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MACD All MAs 14 types MT4

MACD All MAs-14 is a MACD indicator that allows choosing usual parameters of the standard MACD (constructed from EMA) as well as the type of the moving average to be applied: up to 14 different types.

You can select 4 standard MAs available in MetaTrader 4 - SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA and 10 non-standard, DEMA, TEMA, Frama, VIDYA, AMA, TRIX, LRMA, HMA, JMA, AFIRMA.

General Parameters

  • Method MA - select the type of moving average to be displayed in the current graph.
  • Period slow MA - the number of bars to calculate the slow MA of MACD.
  • Period fast MA - the number of bars to calculate the fast MA of MACD.
  • Period signal - period of smoothing signal (EMA (slowMA-fastMA)).
  • Applied Price - select price type (close, high, low ...).

Advantages of Use

Most manual or automatic systems use cross of MAs or evaluate the distance between moving averages. The MACD indicator informs about the distance between two moving averages.

MACD All MAs-14 allows you to select or optimize the type of MA as another parameter of your strategy by simply selecting "Method MA" as external parameter. A strategy can not work with MACD EMA but it will be profitable with MACD VIDYA or AMA. If you design EAs, for this purpose you use have the following enumeration in your code: {SMA=0,EMA=1,SMMA=2,LWMA=3,DEMA=4,TEMA=5,FRAMA=6,VIDYA=7,AMA=8,TRIX=9,LRMA=10,HMA=11,JMA=12,AFIRMA=13}.

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Version 2.0 2017.01.11
Fixed presentation error in MACD JMA