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High and Low of Day and Week

The indicator places levels on the chart: day and week high, day and week low. When the price crosses the high's level upwards or the low's level downwards, the indicator beeps and send a notification (Alert) indicating a direction and an instrument by which crossing has occurred.

Visual parameters:

  • DrawCrossPoint - drawing points of intersection of levels by the price.
  • DayWidth - daily level width.
  • ColorDayHigh - color of daily high level.
  • ColorDayLow - color of daily low level.
  • WeekWidth - weekly level width.
  • ColorWeekHigh - color of weekly high level.
  • ColorWeekLow - color of weekly low level.
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Version 1.1 - 2015.06.15
Implemented selection of a window where the indicator will be located