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Spike Alert


Spike Alert is an indicator that measure gap between ticks in point. If a gap is considering as a signal indicator will give user an alert where the alert is depends on user input. It isn't work by calculating historical data but only calculate real time tick condition and draw arrow when conditions are met so you will only see arrow after a signal appeared and not when you are applying indicator into chart.


  1. Gap in Points: minimum gap size to consider a gap as a signal measured in Point
  2. Buy Color: color for buy arrow
  3. Sell Color: color for sell arrow
  4. Arrow Size: width size for arrow
  5. Pop Up Alert: pop up alert will appear when a signal found. It can be disabled by set its value to false
  6. Mobile Notification: a notification will be send when a signal found if set to true
  7. Email Alert: an email will be send to user email address when a signal found if it set to true.
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