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Advantage: What other not (yet) know.

MetaTrader 4 indicator Vidente is a tool to identify price trends. Beginners will gain security while evaluating ups and downs, professional traders always back up their opinions.

Numeric facts have to be assessed and compared; a curve graph, however, shows a trend and offers logical conclusion.

MetaTrader 4 indicator Vidente is a solid, every day tool for achieving constant success - easy to understand, factual, fast.

The indicator is not meant for prediction of strong movements. The point is that the trader is provided with an idea of how the price could develop in the near future. Since this is a purely technical indicator, the forecast is particularly accurate while there are no important news releases regarding the symbol during the period of the forecast.

The indicator can be influenced by input variables. Modifying the input variable exInput (Integer from -10 to 10), the generated line will be more or less affected.

How it works:

With complex calculations of data such as OHLC and RSI, a price projection into the future is generated.

If the market is overbought or oversold, no prediction is created.

The indicator requires very little resources, because it is only drawn once. Only while the duration of the prediction is exceeded, a new line is drawn. The length of the prediction is dependent on the RSI.


It is recommended to wait a short moment after receiving the forecast and to check, if it goes into the right direction. It is precisely in the case of strong fluctuations that often the price goes into opposite direction.

Input Parameter:

  • Precision: Affects the duration of the generated graph
  • Aggression: A higher value adds more twist
  • ExInput: Integer from 10 to -10, influencing the direction of the graph
  • Morph: The value is multiplied with exInput
  • Horizon: Minimum bars on chart until the graph is drawn


  • It gives a concrete prediction which is correct in more than 60% of the cases.
  • Compatible with EA development.
  • Uses few resources.
  • Rather than displaying many numbers, a line is drawn in the chart window.
  • Works on all timeframes and with each symbol.
  • By input variables, it is possible to influence the prediction.
  • For questions and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact.
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