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Arbitrage helper

The indicator allows to compare two types of accounts of one or different brokers. When you apply tick charts one over another, you can easily distinguish slow and fast brokers, slippage, spread bounces and other necessary data.

The Indicator is Mostly Designed for

  • those who buy an EA tested only on a demo account or an account of another broker. It will help them to forecast a success of transfer to another account;
  • those who apply the arbitrage method. It will help them to make a preliminary comparison of brokers including real accounts not investing their money;
  • those who select a broker or a type of account;
  • all those who want to know what is hiding between strips of a minute bar.

Application Examples

The first figure: ECN demo accounts of two good (to my mind) brokers are compared. They are almost the same, just slightly different.

The second figure: account type of one of brokers is replaced with a real one (gray chart). We can see that quotes trail by 2-3 ticks.

The third figure depicts an example of slippages.

The fourth figure demonstrates a slow broker: charts are shifted relative to each other.

Working with Indicator

The indicator is attached to 2 terminals simultaneously. Set true in the first Server mode? parameter. This terminal records quotes to the file which has a name specified in the Filename parameter.

Set false in the second Server mode? parameter. It will read data from this file and compare them adding its own data. 

Note that names specified in the Filename parameter have to match!

The Depth parameter determines the depth of tick charts.

Now you know more about your broker.

Please note:

  • you need "live" stream of quotes. The indicator does not work on closed market, for example at weekends;
  • data will be reseted if you open settings or change a time frame. 
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