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Sagacious Trading Expert Advisor

Sagacious Trading Expert Advisor calculates take profit and stop loss based on the current period chart and is suitable for any trader whose emotion may likely influence his or her trading, since emotion can negatively affect decisions on when or at what point to close a trade. It helps to verify existing trend and identifies emerging trend as well as provides a view of over-extended trend that is about to reverse.

It bridges the gap between fundamental data and technical strategy while establishing a position during most active periods using current and historical data to estimate future prices and translates them into specific trade entry and exist points.

It recognizes and reacts appropriately to change in price action by tightening stop loss and by taking profit partially because there are times when price action is consistently volatile and times when a period is mute.

Sometimes, a trend reversal or trend continuation after a sideway move translates into profit, while it reduces the difficulty to enter and exit the market during high or low volatility of the market price. It does this by entering a pending order near identifiable level of support or resistance. This minimizes emotions while trading as it sets the stop loss and take profit levels and trailing them.

The following inputs are used. You may use these default settings.

  • trailgap = 50 - set a minimum trailing gap.
  • Amount = 30 - set a minimum profit per trade.
  • GridLevel = 100 - set different from broker to broker (80-150: the lower the value, the lower the risk) (Other preferred - 100, 150, 200, 250, 300).
  • OldPeriod = 100 - value should be long enough.
  • NewLimit = 100 - Open level should be high enough.
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