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Volatility or variability is a statistical financial index which characterizes variability of a price. This is one of the most important financial indexes and notions in financial risk management which represents a risk level of usage a financial instrument within specified period of time.

ATR ratios are applied to calculate volatility

Short period of ATR is compared with long period of ATR.


  • Bar — dimension of the array where the indicator is calculated
  • p — short period of ATR
  • P — long period of ATR
  • mode — mode parameter.

If mode = true, the indicator compares 6-hour daily volatility with 12-hour daily volatility on all timeframes from M1 to H1.

If mode = false, you can specify p and P parameters at your discretion.

How to configure this indicator

Select: Charts =>Indicators List => Volatility =>Edit.

The indicator's window will appear. Set parameters.

Create a template: Charts =>Template =>Save Template.

Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 17:01 

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