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The main aim of this indicator lies in determining entry and exit points, that is why the ExactArrow indicator does not draw nothing but arrows which show entry and exit points.

In spite of apparent simplicity of the indicator, it has complicated analytic algorithms which determine entry and exit points.

The indicator generates exact and timely entry and exit signals which appear on the current candle. The indicator generates an average of 1-2 candles before its analogues do.

The indicator is very easy to use. Open Buy trade when you see an up arrow. Open Sell trade when you see a down arrow.

Indicator input parameters:

  • enableAlerts - enable/disable indicators
  • period - indicator period

The indicator does not repaint its values. Arrows always stay where they have appeared.

2015.10.21 11:13 

I edited my review again. This trading indicator is good. It shows the immediate trend change very early and it's accurate compared to other trend indicator. I am using it on my live account.

Version 1.3 - 2015.08.07
The indicator has been optimized, also two parameters have been added:
1. EmailAlert - email alert when a signal appears
2. MobileAlert - mobile terminal alert when a signal appears