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Binary Options DayTrading

Important: for the correct font in the Menu, please download and install the "Agency FB" font!

BO - DayTrading is a perfect tool for traders who trade Binary Options!

It is based on candle analysis, several oscillators and trend indicators. 

The signals consist of a buffer in a separate window, a vertical line in the main window and a horizontal line ("entry line") in the main window.

BO - DayTrading has two options to trade:

  • 60 Seconds
  • Long term
Use "60 Seconds" function only on M1 Chart and "Long term" function on M5, M15 and M30 timeframes.


  • Signals ALL
  • Signals WON
  • Rough WIN-Rate
  • Time for next candle
  • Spread
  • Status

Indicator Inputs

  • Binary Options Type - which type of BO you want to trade: 60 Seconds or Long term

Vertical lines:

  • Vertical Buy-Line - color of the vertical buy line of a signal
  • Vertical Sell-Line - color for the vertical sell line of a signal
  • Draw Vertical Lines - on/off

Horizontal lines:

  • Draw Entries - draw the entry lines of a signal
  • Buy-Line - color for the horizontal buy line
  • Sell-Line - color for the horizontal sell line
  • Entry type - which type for the entry should be drawn (rectangle or line)


  • Coord. X - coordinate X of the menu
  • Coord. Y - coordinate Y of the menu
  • Menu Background color - menu color
  • Menu Label color - menu font color
  • Menu in Background - if yes, then you see other objects through the menu
  • Show Candle-Time - turn the time for the next candle on/off


  • MT4 Alert - Alarm on your Terminal
  • Email Alert - Alarm on your EMail
  • Mobile Device - Alarm on your Mobile Device
Sayed Mohamed Shehab
Sayed Mohamed Shehab 2018.07.06 11:03 

until now bad .. results is too bad while the price is too high also bad support

urgot 2017.03.17 10:12 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

kumir 2017.03.05 17:17 

still very very good!!

Kwok Fung Chan
Kwok Fung Chan 2016.04.21 16:27 


Version 1.80 2016.09.05
Fixed calculation bug with "Lines" type
Version 1.70 2015.11.19
- Improved the code, made the menu smaller and better
Version 1.60 2015.07.20
Improved the error messages
Version 1.50 2015.07.13
Update was made on request!
- Added current Spread in the Menu
- Combined the count of the signals (CALL PUT) together.
- Added the Timeframe in the Alarms
Version 1.40 2015.06.22
-Added two alarm functions
-Added icustom function (displayed in the "About" Tab of the indicator)
-Added Status info on the bottom of the menu
New inputs:
-Show Status (on/off)
-MT4 Alert (on/off)
-Email Alert (on/off)
-Mobile Device Alert (on/off)
Version 1.30 2015.06.05
-Minor fixes
-Old version concept: added (old) Signals for entries from the previous versions
Version 1.20 2015.05.11
Fixed begin of the signal (entry), now it comes when the a new candle just opens
Version 1.10 2015.05.05
-Draws only one line and alarms only one time per a signal