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We all know that trading on financial markets involves certain risks. The only thing we can manage when opening a position is a possible loss in case of a stop loss activation. When trading EURUSD, we usually do not have any problems calculating a point price and a margin. However, when trading crosses and exotic pairs, a point price and a margin may vary significantly. If we do not calculate a traded lot accurately considering the specified risk in percentage, it may happen that a profit in points is positive, while the account status shows a loss in the deposit currency.

This indicator simplifies calculations and saves your time defining a lot accurately according to a distance to a stop loss.

It also displays the current spread, balance and funds.

Input Parameters

  • MarginLot – lot, for which the margin and the point price are calculated.
  • Risk – risk (in percentage) for accurate lot calculation based on a distance to a stop loss.
  • StopLoss – distance to stop loss (set in points of a traded symbol).
  • VisualBalance – display the balance and funds in the lower corner of the terminal.
  • SpreadColor, MarginColor, TickColor, RiskColor – indicator text colors.
Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 15:31 

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