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News Hunter Bot OneTime

The EA places pending BuyStop and SellStop orders before news release at a specified distance from the current price.

Time of news is set every morning in the EA's parameters. You also need to specify minutes before news to place pending orders and minutes for removal not triggered pending orders.

The EA can place a series of pending orders. Number of orders in the series is specified in external parameters. In this case a step for placing pending orders will be equal to the profit.

The EA sees 2-3 and 4-5 digit quotes. Parameters' values are set in points (the second or the fourth decimal place).

The EA works on any instrument and TF.

You can set a special number to filter the EA's orders from orders of other tools. You can attach the EA to different charts with same instrument but different time. In this case you should set different numbers for each chart. You don't have to change a number if charts have different instruments. There won't be any confusion.

Input parameters:

  • News Release #1 - time of news release (hour:min)
  • Waiting for the news, min - waiting for the news (minutes before release to place orders)
  • The wait after the news, min - waiting after the news (minutes after release to remove unused orders)
  • The size of the bets - size of a bet (number of lots)
  • Levels TakeProfit - profit level (in points)
  • Levels StopLoss - loss level (in points)
  • TrailingStop (negative number to move it to breakeven) - trailing stop level (negative values to move an order to breakeven)
  • The number of bets in the series - number of bets in the series
  • The distance from the current price - distance from the current price in points
  • Slippage - slippage in points
  • Room Advisor - EA's magic number

Figures indicate an example of the EA setting and its testing in the terminal's strategy tester. We took one trading day and one piece of news as an example. Parameters are set without selection and optimization.

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