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Strategy Improver

Are you looking for a new profitable trading strategy? Do you already have one but want to improve it? Do you want automatic information from almost all standard indicators? If so, Strategy Improver is the tool you are looking for.

Strategy Improver gives you the chance to work easily, just with a few clicks, with many different strategies using standard indicators. It's the perfect tool you would like to add to your trading, or expert advisors, so you can avoid losing operations that did not go according to the trend.

The procedure is simple:

  • Select how many minimum strategies you want activated for bullish or bearish signal.
  • Select which strategies you want to use (and if desired, modify the internal parameters)
  • Check the results and if you have found a winner strategy (according to your comfortable way of trading)
  • USE IT!

There are two main ways for using Strategy Improver, here a summary:

1) Looking for a new trading Strategy

With Strategy Improver you can automatically see the compatibility of standard indicators, and by that way, create your own profitable strategy. For example:

Let's suppose we want to see the combination of 3 strategies using these indicators: Moving Average, DeMarker Zone, and Relative Vigor Index:

If we choose Minimum_Activated_Strategies=3, we will have a bullish zone when all 3 strategies indicates Bullish.

If we choose Minimum_Activated_Strategies=2, and we select these 3 different strategies, we will have the following results for bullish:

  • 3 strategies indicates bullish trend: We will have a bullish zone.
  • 2 strategies indicates bullish trend, 1 indicates neutral: We will have a bullish zone.
  • 2 strategies indicates bullish trend, 1 indicates bearish zone: We will have a neutral zone.

2) Improve your Expert Advisor adding filters to avoid bad orders

With Strategy Improver you can automatically see which filters are good for your expert advisor. In addition, we have added an automatic function to work specifically with backtested Experts Advisors. This function informs the results if the strategies/filters would be used. For example:

Let's suppose we want to improve the results of one of our Expert Advisor. We just have to backtest the expert advisor, and once the backtesting is over, we attach the Strategy Improver to the chart.

If the selected strategies were good for filtering the bad orders of your Expert Advisor, you will get (in the corner of the chart) something like that:

Original Strategy:

  • Winning Sells: 56% (41 of 73) (Short Gain: -140)
  • Winning Buys: 63% (36 of 58) (Long Gain: 60)
  • Total Winning Trades 58% (77 of 131) (Total Gain: -80)

Filter Applied:

  • Winning Sells: 64% (38 of 59) (Short Gain: 130)
  • Winning Buys: 73% (34 of 47) (Long Gain: 290)
  • Total Winning Trades 68% (72 of 106) (Total Gain: 420)

Additional Notes

  • The demo version only allows the use of Moving Averages Strategy 4 and ADX Strategy 1. Default DEMO set: Minimum_Activated_strategies=2; ADX_Strategy1=true; MA_Strategy4=true;
  • The Allow_Orders_If_Neutral parameter is only working for backtested strategies.
    • If true is selected, it will not filter orders when there is a neutral zone, so it will allow orders there.
    • If false is selected, it will not allow orders in neutral zones.

  • The default color of Strategy Improver is made for Color Scheme: Black on White.
  • The description of the strategies can be intuited looking at the inputs. (For example, the Moving_Average Crossover, is the Strategy with 2 moving averages). For all the others which can't be easily intuited, some description will be provided in private message if desired.
  • If you are looking for another strategy which is not already operative in our Strategy Improver, just send us a private message and we will update the Indicator with this additional feature.
  • The indicator will paint the bar just when this one gets the minimum number of activated strategies, however, if the strategies changes, the signal will change or disappear as well.
  • After the version 3.0, there is an important additional feature: The Histogram of the Strategies; you can check more details here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/16551
  • We will keep adding new strategies and new features, so do not forget to update.
Stuart Beard
Stuart Beard 2016.08.02 16:19 

Superb indicator. Fantastic as a filter for trades. Support has been extremely good.

fabbry72 2016.01.14 20:15 


Indicator 5 stars and more ...........

I use it modality "Minimum_Activated_Strategies=2" with the following filters




to identify the trend and momentum

Great great job, congratulations to the author: good brain for a fantastic idea!!!!

All the best to you, thanks


Mirko Lechelt
Mirko Lechelt 2015.05.12 20:32 

Very very good indicator!!!

Thank you.

Version 3.0 2016.07.08
Strategies shown as Histogram.
Version 2.0 2015.05.08
New 2 functions:

Random: Button to can randomize the parameters of the selected Strategies.
Automatic Optimizer: Button to can automatically test combinations to give you the best filters for your Expert Advisor.
Version 1.1 2015.04.16
Fixed demo backtesting bug

Demo version:
ONLY Moving Averages Strategy 4 and ADX Strategy 1 are available. Default DEMO set:
ADX_Strategy1=true; MA_Strategy4=true