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Auto Investment Manager MT4

Introduction to Auto Investment Manager (AIM)

Auto Investment Manager (AIM) can assist professional financial traders and fund managers for a fully hand free trading operation. The Auto Investment Manager can trade stocks, forex market, commodities in a fully automated manner. AIM is really simple to use. You only need to configure 7 main trading parameters. This is an identical product to MT5 version of AIM (Auto Investment Manager MT5).

Main Trading Parameters

Optimization can be performed once in few months. Use at least more than 1 year data. Optimization can take 30 minutes to several hours depending on the speed of your computer.

  • Smoothing Factor Alpha: 1.0 to 1.6 in step of 0.1 (You can even fix Alpha to 1.6 if you want to reduce computation time).
  • Trend Type: true or false only
  • Maximum Position numbers: 3 to 7 in step of 1
  • Deviation between positions (effective only if Max Position Number > 0): 200 to 500 points but you can go more if you want
  • Take profit in points: 200 to 500 points but you can go more if you want
  • Trade Method: 0 to 7 in step of 1 (0 = Buy Carry trade, 1 = Sell Carry Trade, 2 to 7 is an indicator based trading. You will either choose 0 to 1 or 2 to 7 for optimization. Don’t optimize from 0 to 7).
  • Analysis Depth: 10 to 200 (Not effective for Trade Method 0 or 1, therefore, do not optimize Analysis Depth if Trade Method = 0 or 1).

Mode of Optimization

Carry Trade mode is for fundamental traders. AIM can lend its power to fundamental traders too. However, note that carry trading mode is not suitable for everyone. For average traders, we recommend to use Trend Trading Mode.

1. Carry Trading Mode Configuration (Trade Method 0 or 1)

  • Smoothing Factor Alpha: 1.0 to 1.6 in step of 0.1
  • Maximum Position number: 3 to 7 in step of 1
  • Deviation between positions (effective only if Max Position Number > 0): 200 to 500 in step of 50
  • Take profit in points: 200 to 500 in step of 50
  • Type of Indicator: 0 to 1 in step of 1 (note that for Type of Indicator 0 and 1, Period of Indicator parameters is not used by the EA. Therefore, you don't need to optimize Period of Indicator parameter for Carry Trading Mode)

2. Trend Trading Mode Configuration (Trade Method 2 to 7)

  • Trend Type: true or false only
  • Maximum Position number: 3 to 7 in step of 1
  • Deviation between positions (effective only if Max Position Number > 0): 200 to 500 in step of 100
  • Take profit in points: 200 to 500 in step of 50
  • Trade Method: 2 to 7 in step of 1
  • Analysis Depth: 10 to 200 in step of 5 or 10

Further information on Auto Investment Manager

  • Auto Investment Manager never use any type of martingale order management. Only factor to increase the lot size is the increase in your balance due to the profits.
  • Auto Investment Manager is mainly a trend following Expert Advisor and it is not sensitive to choice of brokers and their spreads.
  • Auto Investment Manager can adapt different market conditions. Therefore, you can apply AIM to many different currency pairs. We recommend to do this.
  • You can get further support and information on AIM from here: http://aim.ucoz.co.uk/

Your Future Career as Financial Traders

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Mullins Global Pty Ltd
2015.08.23 12:12 

Young Ho Seo was very helpful however this EA just isn't as good as it first seemed. The EA works well when it is on the right side of the trend however it simply does not close bad positions. This is deadly to your capital as I have found out. I do not recommend this EA anymore unfortunately. Sorry Young, when the EA is updated to ensure capital is protected them maybe I will change my review.

2015.04.17 15:02 

I love this EA, very good, Mr.Seo is a great man with kind heart to help people succeed, thank you Mr.Seo,God bless you.

Version 12.0 - 2015.08.21
In version 12.0, now AIM have a choice to operate during weekend or not. Just set Do not Trade on Weekend = true to avoid any position operation during weekend.

AIM does not like small bar with low volatility (mostly caused 2 to 4 hours trading activity but not full trading activity). This small bar can somehow influnce badly on the performance of AIM. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid any operation during weekend (Do not Trade on Weekend = true).
Version 11.7 - 2015.05.18
In version 11.7, I found small bug in Free Margin Calculation.
The bug fixed.
Version 11.6 - 2015.05.15
In version 11.6, Smart Trail Stop Feature is added.

Always switch off Smart Trail Stop for optimization by setting to false. Smart Trail Stop is the feature designed for more live trading tick by tick movement. As most of backtesting algorithm uses simulated tick, it is meaningless to optimize Smart Trail Stop on strategy tester. After optimization is completed for main trading parameters, switch on this smart Trail Stop feature and see if this feature improves the performance of AIM on the chosen setting. Note that Smart Trail Stop must be tested on every tick mode. If you test the Smart Trail Stop on open price mode, you won't get accurate results as you need continuous tick data to test this Smart Trail Stop feature.
Version 11.0 - 2015.04.29
In version 11.0, AIM has a new and better variable recovery logic. The new logic is more robust than the previous one. AIM's trade method variable choice has been reduced to 6.