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Multicurrency Analyzer

The indicator is intended for cross-group analysis of currency pairs, and it determines the strength of each currency in a given period of time. The results are displayed in a table. It also displays the graphs of growth of a selected currency comparing to others pairs.

In external indicator parameters, you can specify up to 11 currencies for analysis. The indicator will determine the currency pairs which are supported by the broker. If you need a smaller number of currencies you can leave empty values. The indicator allows to make a cross-group analysis of currency pairs and determine the strength of each currency in a given period of time. Results are displayed in the table. It also displays selected currency growth charts relatively to other currencies.

Attach the indicator to the chart, and then click "Reset". There will be two vertical lines in the center of the chart. We set a time interval for analysis by moving lines.


The table displays changes of the definite currency pair Close price within the given time period in percentage terms. The value is taken regarding the currency specified in the left column (that is, if the EURUSD price fell by 5% for the specified period of time, then 5% is taken for USD is taken 5% and -5% is taken for EUR). In the two right-hand columns you can see the sum and average value for each currency. If the value is below zero - the cell is highlighted in red, if it is above zero, the cell is highlighted in blue.


There will be a price change chart in time for the selected currency towards other currencies in a separate window. You can select currency clicking on its name in the left column of the table.


We recommended keeping the selected currency pairs charts open to load history and calculate the data correctly. If the indicator cannot get the data on the currency pair on a specified date, the table will display "R" and this value will not be taken into account for calculating the sum and average value. You must open a chart of the relevant currency pair and update the history on the required time frame.

If a currency pair is not in the terminal, it will display an empty cell, and its value will not be counted in the statistics.

To attach several copies of the indicator to one graph, it is necessary to specify other coordinates (X, Y) in settings.

The indicator works with currency pairs only. The length of the currency pair must exceed 0. That is why such instrument as GOLD is not supported yet. But if your broker's gold is named XAUUSD, it will work without any problems.

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