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Forecast Indicator

Non-repainting Forecast Indicator is a great tool for trading, which accurately produces great signals and helps traders to predict the direction of trend. This indicator is made from its own mathematical algorithm and some common technical indicators. Forecast Indicator does not repaint. It produces signals at the beginning of the candle. Signals never disappear at the current candle after it comes out.

Inputs and Settings

  • X = 2; Y = 2; Z = 2; X, Y and Z are optional settings to create signals.
  • Alternative Settings (2,1,1) (2,1,2) (3,1,1) (2,3,3); Except default settings, I prepared 4 other settings too. You can change these settings differently from which I recommend.
  • Alerts (On=true, Off=false); If you want to turn on, change it as "true". Otherwise, you can change it as "false"
  • Alert_On=true; This is for screen alert.
  • Send_Push=true; Only for mobile notification.
  • Send_Mail=true; Only for e-mail notification.
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