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Spread Record Lite MT4

The Spread Record МТ4 indicator displays spread for each price bar as a two color histogram. It uses three variables as spread values:

  • Maximum level of the spread reached the bar (red line);
  • Spread level at the moment of closing the bar (green line);
  • Average spread level within the bar (displayed as a black square on the corresponding level of the histogram)

This version of the indicator is free of charge and available for everyone. It does not remember spread values, and if you restart the terminal or the indicator, it will show the spread level from the moment of the indicator download.

If you want to analyze the spread history, please use Spread Record Standart MT4. That version allows writing the current spread value to a file and load it to the indicator upon restart.

Actual Usage

Quite often spreads have a tendency to widen before start of a strong movement. Such spread widening precedes the beginning of a new trend and is a great signal for market entry. Moreover, a lot of false movements are accompanied by spontaneous widening of the spread. If you know this fact, you can create a trading system based on recognition of such false movement and subsequent trading against this movement. You can also enter the market only when the spread level is near its minimum values. It will significantly decrease the slippage and consequently your losses.

Attach the Spread Record indicator on a minute chart and watch. After a while you will definitely see some noteworthy spread fluctuations, which precede strong movements of the market, and other interesting signals of the indicator, which can be easily used in your trading.

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 09:15 

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Version 1.2 - 2015.06.09
- The indicator is entirely rewritten and it operation fully conforms to operation of the major version of the Spread Record Standart indicator.
- Besides the history spread, the indicator displays a small panel with a current spread level in the upper right corner of its subwindow.
- Now the indicator saves spread values to a file. But you can download historical values of the spread only in the major "Standart" version.