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Forex Info

Forex Info

This indicator shows information about Account, Symbol, Bars and Order BreakEven Price.

Account: the indicator shows such information on account, as server, currency, margin call, leverage, balance, equity and so on.

Symbol: in this window the indicator shows such symbol information, as H/L of the day, tick value, swap, digits, spread, stop minimum level, lots step, description and etc.

Bars: the indicator shows information about statistics of bars, as trend, average O/C and H/L, percentage of Long or Short Bars, percentage of Outside Bars, Inside Bars, Pin Bars and so on.

BreakEven: this windows shows information about symbols of open orders and breakeven price

Forex Info can show breakeven price of orders, both in text mode and in graphical mode with an horizontal line

Indicator parameters:

  • Number of Bars to Analyze - the number of bars used for the indicator's calculations.
  • Exclude Sunday on Analysis - exclude bars generated on Sunday from the analysis for the broker that has Sunday Bars.
  • Draw Forex Rider Logo - show copyright logo in the bottom right corner.d
  • Draw Horizontal Line for BreakEven - show a horizontal yellow line on the chart to indicate the breakeven price.
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