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Control and management of transactions DEMO

This is a demo version of https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/8343. Works on CADSEK. The mode of control line placing is not available, so a user cannot place price levels (transactions are closed when reaching these levels), as well as take profit and stop loss levels.

The panel displays time of financial markets work, GMT, local time, and time till completion of a current candle. It can process both transactions with a specified magic number, and open market transactions. Informs the user about all opened orders including pending ones. Shows breakeven levels: total one and for each trade direction.

Main settings:

  • Magic_Number - any number value;
  • confirmation = true, if we wish to confirm selection, false - not to ask for confirmation of the selected action;
  • Setting_Without_Loss_Lines = true; place breakeven lines - true, false - not to place;

Color and width of tags, buttons and lines are easily adjusted according to users' preferences.

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Version 8.3 2016.04.07
Fixed SL function calls for SELL orders.
Version 8.1 2015.06.09
Added the Trailing Stop function which increased opportunities of the EA. Works in open mode by means of modification of open orders and in hidden mode by levels of the BUY Stop Line, SELL Stop Line. The Trailing Stop button closes trades according to your settings: indent and step.
Version 7.0 2015.05.19
Access to the tool has been changed. Now you have a possibility to learn more about its features, but only on CADSEK. The panel has also become more functional: you can place and remove take profit and stop loss for pending orders.