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Openpip is a scalper Expert Advisor to be used on low-spread accounts (mainly for ECN accounts or for zero-spread accounts). The Expert Advisor includes a limit on the size of the spread, with which positions are opened. Contains trailing stop functions (hidden mode is used, when the stop loss is invisible to the broker) and averaging functions, which can optionally be disabled. Openpip executes a huge amount of deals, which has a positive effect on rebates.

Deal opening algorithm is based on the reverse system of stop-loss, that is, the orders are opened after the number of points specified in open_points from the current price. Recommended spread size <= 5.


  • trade - enables/disables trading.
  • sounds - enables/disables sound notification of trade operations. 
  • autolot - if set to true, lot is calculated automatically taking account risk level risk_rate, but not higher than max_lot. If set to false, max_lot is used.
  • max_lot - limited maximum lot.
  • risk_rate - risk level if autolot is true.
  • stop_loss - stop loss level in points.
  • take_profit - take profit level in points.
  • spread - spread size limit.
  • open_points - points after which new deals will be opened.
  • OrdersTypes - type of orders placed. All - buy and sell. Only buy - only buy. Only sell - only sell.
  • trailing - enable trailing stop.
  • trail_points - number of points for trailing.
  • offset_points - shift in points from the open price to start trailing stop.
  • ladder - enables/disables position averaging.
  • step - size in points, when an averaging position is opened.
  • max_ladders - maximum number of averaging orders.

Marco Solito
Marco Solito 2018.10.12 12:21 

i have only loss in my account. I feel compelled to review, because I bought for the good review

michelcnrd 2016.05.07 21:50   

comme mark lama, je ne comprend pas hamza2012... loss loss loss

encore un ea qui ne gagne que en backtest Y EN A ASSEZ des MAUVAIS VENDEURS


Mark Lama
Mark Lama 2016.01.17 10:51   

ALL I CAN SAY IS "LOSSING!" Its killing your account slowly! I dont why Hamza2012 RATE THIS EA 5 STAR. Maybe you can show your REAL LIVE TRADING and it would be highly appreciated.

hamza2012 2015.06.21 02:03 

Excellent, only on low spread, if you want amazing result chose broker that spread 0.2 to maximum 1.5. my broker is octafx, and its spread is very low.

Version 1.31 2016.01.13
- minor bug fixes
- it is now possible to set the magic numbers for orders in the EA settings