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Dynamic trend matrix

This dynamic trend matrix analyses the current development of a price, movement strength, its speed and acceleration. Movement direction on the whole time frame range (M1-MN) is determined on these data. The movement depth is determined through RSI (Relative Strength Index), the AC indicator (Acceleration/Deceleration) helps to determine the current movement speed and analyses its acceleration or deceleration.

Dynamic trend matrix allows you to quickly evaluate and objectively get an idea about the nature of movements in the market. Will help you easily identify entry and exit points, showing you the whole picture of what is happening in the non-stop mode.

The RSI line: a value and a color indicate the current depth of the trend. For example, red 4 means a strong trend.

The AC line: a value and a color indicate the current dynamics of the trend.

The Trend line shows the direction and the movement strength of the current trend.

This line can have following markings:

  • bold horizontal arrow: attention! Movement may begin according to the arrow color (red - down, green - up).
  • thin arrow at the angle of 45 degrees: green up arrow - upward movement beginning, red down arrow - downward movement beginning.
  • bold up or down arrow at the angle of 45 degrees: the movement gathers speed.
  • bold up or down arrow: stable trend in the arrow direction.
  • gray circle: no movement. Flat.
  • transparent arrow indicates probable reversal on the current time frame.

Indicator Parameters

  • fontSize - size of the matrix elements. Can be 14-20.
  • Period_Ind - the indicator period.
  • Screen_corner - binding to a definite corner. Can be 1-4.
  • uptrendsignal  - color of the up trend signal.
  • downtrendsignal - color of the down trend signal.
  • textColor - the indicator text color.
2015.05.08 22:30 

I am sorry to give only 2 stars but I didn’t find this indicator very useful. This doesn’t mind that is not good or could not be good for someone, maybe is just me but I can’t find it useful because it shows very good trend and after 5 seconds contrary trend… is like a 5 period Moving Average on 1 Minute chart.

Version 1.2 - 2015.04.24
Code optimization and enhancement of the indicator operation speed
Version 1.1 - 2015.03.26
A slight improvement in the matrix.