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CTM is an intraday Forex indicator. This is a classic two-color histogram with a signal line. The indicator uses maximum and minimum price and a candlestick body according to which the indicator makes Bollinger Bands. Parameters are set manually when the indicator is called. It shows potential beginning of a trend (when color is changed and the histogram crosses the zero level), as well as weakening of the trend (when color is changed back and the histogram approaches to the zero level).

Usage of two these indicators at once (in different windows) with different periods revealed significantly better result in amount of profit deals. We recommend opening positions in direction of the indicator with a big period after the same signal has appeared on the indicator with a smaller period, as well as filtering signals using other indicators which apply another building principles.

Indicator Parameters

  • n — maximum timeframe order;
  • len — time Bollinger period;
  • stdup — upper Bollinger deviation;
  • stddown — lower Bollinger deviation;
  • countbars — number of displayed bars.
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