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Darwin Swing MT5

 Darwin SWING

Launch price 999 USD , future price 1490 USD


-- To understand how it works, come read the blog (This EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading...If you like the way I look at it, then you will like my EA.
Take the time to do it! (Forex is not a race): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790
-- To see the past performance here are the links of the signals

Live and demo signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller


After the huge success of Darwin Evolution, I introduce Darwin Swing, which can be used at the same time.
This Expert has been designed to be as close as possible to manual trading.
It is an Expert made for a long term vision, it is not a fast scalper, nor a night scalper.
The basic strategy is swing trading, it uses supports and resistances to open positions.
The innovation of this system is that it incorporates virtual positions. The EA calculates on average how many S/R's each pair will cross during the trends.
Thanks to this calculation, the EA will place virtual positions on each S/R ( daily / monthly / weekly.... ) ( positions visible on the dashbord, but not opened in real ) and it will open the real position when the number of S/R crossed by the price is reached ( number calculated by the system, based on the history ).
Each pair has an independent setting, integrated in the EA code.
I have integrated Darwin Evolution's currency strenght system in addition to the opening of positions, which makes the market entries even more efficient.
The recovery factor and sharp ratio of this expert are excellent.
It is an actively trading EA.

This system integrates more than 8 indicators and filters.
The EA is multi-currency, it will work on all 28 pairs at the same time.
It works with all brokers, no matter the quote, execution speed, fees, spread...


-- Trade on 28 pairs simultaneously
-- No optimization required (set files are delivered with purchase, EA cannot work properly without the right set files)
-- Swing trading strategy, it uses the support and resistance system to open positions.
-- It optimizes profits and limits drawdown with its many indicators and options: trailing SL, closing by indicator, by SL, by time, by profit, by opening time...
-- An innovative news filter with disconnection times before and after the news, but also independent times for the main news like FOMC, ECB, Fed ...
-- a specific filter for nightly news
-- Many capital protections, by %, Currency...
-- Risk management of capital
-- Perfectly compatible with funded account "prop firm" ( FTMO, E8, Audacity.... ) It integrates all the strict rules.
-- Pause button that stops real orders, but lets virtual orders continue, allowing the opening of a position at a better price.


- Recommended pairs: 28 forex pairs
- Recommended setting: EURUSD M1  
- Recommended Lot And Risk: 0.5/1%.
- Brokers: all brokers offering the 28 forex pairs needed for calculations.
- Minimum capital: 1000 USD (in this case a DD of 15/20% is possible, as the account is small)
- Minimum leverage: 1:30 or lower with a specific setting


After installation, go to Tools/Options and check "Allow web Requests for listed URL" and add the following link:
This is to take advantage of the news filter (otherwise it won't work)

You can't do a "real" backtest of this strategy (I'm the only one to do it, because it is necessary to integrate the news and import the real ticks)
- The first reason, MT5 does not give the real ticks, they are simulated (artificial data)
With Cet EA without using the real ticks, you will not have the real results, That's why I have demo and real accounts, they are available to see the performances.
All Quant Analyzer optimizations are also available here
- The second reason, you can't use News filters in MT5 (no database for news in MT5)

Reviews 20
massiveprofitsfx 2023.11.05 20:13 

Darwin is the only EA that works over the long term. I gave up hoping to make money with an expert advisor a long time ago. But Darwin Swing has restored my confidence, because it's a reliable EA.

white-nightfx 2023.10.15 15:24 

This EA is really profitable. If you use the settings provided, then it's really reliable. I'd highlight the position openings, which are close to perfection. It's a pleasure to watch it work, and I don't feel any stress about how it works. That's important when you're using an EA, because you have to trust it. Mr G really takes care of his customers, and that's rare...

chaboom007 2023.10.15 15:13 

Darwin is a real EA, with a real history, a real trader at the head of creation (incredible trading knowledge), on real accounts. I think that says it all. Contact Guillaume, and judge his professionalism for yourself.

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Introducing Gold Wave EA Crafted meticulously for the XAUUSD M1 chart, Gold Wave EA stands out with its precision and efficiency in the volatile 1-minute gold market. Featuring 25 expertly designed strategies, each trained on 200,000 bars of historical data, this EA undergoes rigorous Monte Carlo stress testing for robustness and reliability in all market conditions. Key Features: Strategic Harmony : 25 strategies work in unison for exceptional drawdown (DD) control and dynamic order placement.
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Important !!! Only for real traders. If you are looking for a holy grail - please don't bother me. Multi-currency expert.          At the beginning, I suggest: EURUSD and GBPUSD               Tested in three steps ( Tester/Demo/Real  ) TF - H1  recommended Personally i use M1 for EURUSD only The most important thing is to get out of position                     "Stable version. Tester/Demo/Real ";                      "  Applied systems:";            "- Positioning system";          
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The robot constructor can be used both with ready-made trading strategies and in order to create your own strategies. Monitoring All our signals whose names or descriptions contain the name of the advisor "Emperor". Peculiarities Multi-currency (up to 200 currency pairs from one chart), Self-optimizing (this is the only Expert Advisor with such an optimization system), Transformer (thousands of strategies), A large number of advanced features that ensure security and stability, Remote control
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Here is an EA based on the Renko indicator, it can be used with currencies, commodities, and forex. Just associate it with the corresponding graph. The indicator used for the EA is available here, but it is not necessary for its operation, they are 2 independent products: https://www.mql5.com/fr/market/product/87852?source=Site +Market+MT5+Indicator+Search+Rating006%3agino+renko Personally I don't like renko like EA, and I haven't done any tests to find out which configuration is the best.
50 USD
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Promex is a unique Expert Advisor that trades when there is a strong deviation of the price from the normal value. By opening trades at the moment when it is very likely to move in the opposite direction the Promex Expert Advisor accompanies it with a short trailing stop, thus collecting a small profit from the market, but with a probability of 95%. Have a look at the signal of the EA Promex (m ore than 15% in the first 3 weeks ):  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2108355 Trading account require
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Neuron Net GOLD is an integration of the Python programming language, deep learning machine and mql5 code to be able to predict XAUUSD price movements so as to produce entries and exits based on artificial intelligence. Signal  : Click Here   Why Neuron Net GOLD ? + Neuron Net GOLD has been through the research and development stage for almost 1 year, and has passed the testing phase on demo accounts and real accounts. + Neuron Net GOLD does not use martingale + Neuron Net GOLD is not sprea
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Ugochukwu Mobi
Unlock the full potential of your Forex investments with the Finvesting EA, your trusted ally in the world of currency trading. This expert advisor (EA) is designed to enhance your Forex investment and help you achieve your financial goals with confidence. Live Performance: Finvesting EA has a live track record with stable trading.  Real account  Live performance MT4 and Here MT5 Discover the potential of the Finvesting EA and join a community of successful Forex investors. It's time to maxi
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TradeGPT has 4 stages of trade management (search, entry, control, exit) and 3 stages of trade decision making (GPT system on 4 SMA, 12 patterns for buy and sell, adapted mathematical model of Fourier and Laplace transforms), combining all of this into one automatic full cycle trading system, which does not require constant external monitoring or complicated setup. The Expert Advisor applies trailing stop loss and take profit, tracking every tick of price change. Real account:  https://www.mql5.
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Exponential (A.I.) -  Finally an EA Advisor That Stacks Real Profits Harness the power of Oxford-level mathematics and AI behind this expert advisor designed by an award-winning algorithmic trading pioneer with over 15 years of markets experience. This EA achieves what many believe to be impossible in trading:  75%+ win rate across 3 major currency pairs/instruments  Under 4% ultra-tight historical drawdowns    5+:1 average risk to reward ratio  Adaptive logic adapts to changing market dynami
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Lic trend analytical bot. An expert system based on geometric virtual pattern algorithms specially designed for time series. For this version of the Expert Advisor to work, there is no need to download any indicators or additional products; the bot is an independent finished product. Lic is a tool for trading in the foreign exchange market. The minimum recommendation is $1000. While the recommended minimum deposit ranges from $1000 to $10000 for one currency pair. Serious traders are reco
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The new, more powerful XAU EA, using an unprecedented approach, outperforms any EA in its category. This is my best work on XAU. EA features: Built-in two excellent trading methods, buy one EA is equal to get two EA. Use dynamic small stop loss and dynamic stop profit, built-in a variety of closing methods, fast closing, protect profits. Only trade one pair at a time. No Martin, no grid. All currency pairs can be loaded with just one chart. The average holding time is about 2 hours. Just crank
1 000 USD
Aura Black Edition MT5
Stanislav Tomilov
4.05 (20)
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of mult
1 995 USD
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5 (1)
Automated trading system it's a professional instrument which allows you to achieve results without the negative influence of a human factor. Effectiveness is confirmed by trading on a real account since 2017. Perform all the tests with the modelling type RealTicks or EveryTick. LINKS Signal  trading monitoring ( WeTrade + BOA System ); Telegram community; Video  tutorial installation; Video   tutorial optimization; Presets for popular symbols. TRADING STRATEGY  DESCRIPTION The trading strategy
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Description. This product was created as part of a project " PULSE OF MARKET ". EA "Undefeated Triangle" is an advanced system that exploits unique fluctuation between AUD, CAD, and NZD currencies. Historically results show that these pairs used in composition always return back first moved pair after fast movement in one direction. This observation can allow us to include a grid-martingale system where can get maximum points of these unique situations. EA "Undefeated Triangle" uses only 3 pai
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Ugochukwu Mobi
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Bonnitta EA  is based on Pending Position strategy ( PPS ) and a very advanced secretive trading algorithm. The strategy of  Bonnitta EA  is a combination of a secretive custom indicator, Trendlines, Support & Resistance levels ( Price Action ) and most important secretive trading algorithm mentioned above. DON'T BUY AN EA WITHOUT ANY REAL MONEY TEST OF MORE THAN 3 MONTHS, IT TOOK ME MORE THAN 100 WEEKS(MORE THAN 2 YEARS) TO TEST BONNITTA EA ON REAL MONEY AND SEE THE RESULT ON THE LINK BELOW. B
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All explainations about the strategy:  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747470 Live signals:  Single instance of the EA:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1416185 Multistrategy:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1489462 Here I will explain only the EA inputs part. This EA will be consistently updated with new and unpredictable things that can bring its performance to a better level every day! Buying this EA you will not only got a powerful automatic trading system, but also all knowledge and e
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Dmitri Speranski
Last chance!!! We are waiting for the last buyer and are removing the robot from sale!!! Don't miss the opportunity to buy!!! Trend Forex Trade Robot - looks for a trade line, draws it, follows it for a certain amount of time, if prices break through the line, opens a short position, calculates the take profit itself and sets a stop loss according to a given algorithm. Our team, which has professional traders with more than 10 years of experience in trading, has been monitoring  currency pairs
5 000 USD
Microlab Exp
Andriy Sydoruk
Microlab Exp is a trending analytical bot. An expert system based on geometric virtual pattern algorithms specially designed for time series. For this version of the Expert Advisor to work, there is no need to download any indicators or additional products, the bot is an independent finished product. Microlab Exp is a tool for trading in the foreign exchange market. The minimum recommendation is $1000. While the recommended minimum deposit is between $1,000 and $10,000 for one currency pa
1 299 USD
Simone Peruggio
5 (2)
Rosaline is an EA that operates with a refinement of a simple strategy based on RSI + bollinger bands + ATR mainly on Gold, EU and OJ. The EA is designed with manually settable 'equity protect' that goes to protect capital from drawdowns. What does this mean?  If you are thinking of using it to pass a challenge you can do so because thanks to this 'feature' you are covered by the classic daily DD rule. Example: on a 100k account you can set a hedge at -4%. If EA reaches that floating loss
2 200 USD
BBSO Tachyon Mt5
Olivier Nomblot
4.5 (24)
Aways relevant and timeless, BBSO is improving as it learns through its unique self-optimization. It has been no 1 THREE TIMES IN THE WORD. It is for smart money. W A real breakthrough. Using the legendary BBSO range trading module, the no 1 ROBOT, AND THE AMAZING SPEED OF MetaTrader 5, this scalper generates a lot of quick trades in and out using the most vital point of BBSO, the ENTRY. No special CPU needs or fast internet connections or set files or strategies or complicated parameters. Adapt
1 111 USD
Wall Street US30 Pro
Teresa Maria Pimenta
Attention: Only Pepperstone Broker Hedge Account! *SIGNAL ACCOUNT LIVE: https://www.mql5.com/pt/signals/2092175?source=Site+Signals+My This expert is an experienced trader in the Wall Street US30 asset, who has a well-defined trading method and specific strategies to manage risk and maximize profit. He uses spread filters to find the best market entry and exit opportunities, as well as time filters to avoid trading during periods of higher volatility. Additionally, he uses custom indicators
4 500 USD
Sole Mare
Canberk Dogan Denizli
Trading Robot Sole Mare Crafted by a team led by our main developer, who boasts a track record of success in both trading and development, including 7 years of professional fund management. We've also partnered with another esteemed team of developers to bring you this exceptional EA. The software is built on a proprietary trading algorithm and developed with a special mathematical infinite loop formula. Whether it is the Stock Exchange or the Forex market, it has proven results with correct pos
1 750 USD
Canberk Dogan Denizli
5 (1)
If you are seeking a method that promises consistency and sustainability in the Forex market, alongside an intriguing and mathematically-driven averaging approach, look no further than ProTradeX - the ultimate tool for precision trading! ProTradeX employs an innovative technique that utilizes precise and calculated trading methods. This approach involves strategically placing multiple buy and sell orders at predefined intervals around the current price. The objective is to leverage market fluct
4 000 USD
Golden Pickaxe MT5
Valeriia Mishchenko
3.67 (9)
EA has high-performance live track records of different set files: XAU Risky Vol XAU Balanced Vol XAU Balanced MT4 version can be found here Golden Pickaxe is a mean-reversion grid trading system that uses machine learning technology to place high-profit potential trades on the Gold market. It uses real market inefficiencies to its advantage to have an edge over the market. The EA has 5 predefined set files, which are essentially 5 different trading systems on gold . You may choose the def
2 200 USD
Sup 9 Martingale MT5
Inrexea Limited
5 (1)
The Sup 9 Martingale Trading Robot – a cutting-edge, fully automated 2nd generation InrexEA DB system by OpenEA. This innovative solution learns from XAUUSD market trends and incorporates the best aspects of the retired Ea YOLO Diamond Hands. Fully protect the quality of trades. All trades are in private. Structure of InrexEA Database: Clients > InrexEA DB > OpenAI > InrexEA DB analysis > Clients  InrexEA DB is a cutting-edge database solution primarily built using the powerful Python programmi
2 800 USD
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Darwin Evolution MT5
Guillaume Duportal
4.61 (56)
Darwin EVOLUTION promotion !! 1490 USD to 990 USD Limited time (Offer valid up to arrival of the next update, do not waste time ) !!! You can not make Backtest of this EA, it will open orders without any logic! Descriptions: - To understand the operation, come and read the blog (this EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading ... If you like my way to see things, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it !! (Forex is not a race): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -
999 USD
Darwin Swing MT4
Guillaume Duportal
4.77 (13)
Darwin SWING Launch price 999 USD , future price 1490 USD DESCRIPTIONS: -- To understand how it works, come read the blog (This EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading...If you like the way I look at it, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it! (Forex is not a race): https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/745790 -- To see the past performance here are the links of the signals Live and demo signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/tradedeal/seller EXPLANATION: After t
999 USD
Darwin Evolution MT4
Guillaume Duportal
4.82 (11)
Darwin EVOLUTION promotion !! 1490 USD to 990 USD Limited time (Offer valid up to arrival of the next update, do not waste time ) !!! You can not make Backtest of this EA, because MT4 does not handle the simultaneous multi-pairs. Darwin needs the 28 pairs for the calculation of the indicators !! Descriptions: - To understand the operation, come and read the blog (this EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading ... If you like my way to see things, then you will like my EA. Take the
999 USD
Darwin Reports Tool MT5
Guillaume Duportal
5 (3)
Darwin Reports Tool EA Exceptional introductory price!    35 USD DESCRIPTION: Darwin Reports Tool EA is the new product in the Darwin range. The Darwin products are recognized and reputed on MQL5 for their qualities and their performances. This time it is not an Expert Advisor that I propose to you, but a utility intended to automate tasks. Essentially, to make reports of your performances EXPLANATIONS : Indeed, thanks to this utility, you will have the possibility to send
59 USD
Darwin Reports Tool EA Exceptional introductory price!    35 USD DESCRIPTION: Darwin Reports Tool EA is the new product in the Darwin range. The Darwin products are recognized and reputed on MQL5 for their qualities and their performances. This time it is not an Expert Advisor that I propose to you, but a utility intended to automate tasks. Essentially, to make reports of your performances EXPLANATIONS : Indeed, thanks to this utility, you will have the possibility to send
59 USD
massiveprofitsfx 2023.11.05 20:13 

Darwin is the only EA that works over the long term. I gave up hoping to make money with an expert advisor a long time ago. But Darwin Swing has restored my confidence, because it's a reliable EA.

white-nightfx 2023.10.15 15:24 

This EA is really profitable. If you use the settings provided, then it's really reliable. I'd highlight the position openings, which are close to perfection. It's a pleasure to watch it work, and I don't feel any stress about how it works. That's important when you're using an EA, because you have to trust it. Mr G really takes care of his customers, and that's rare...

chaboom007 2023.10.15 15:13 

Darwin is a real EA, with a real history, a real trader at the head of creation (incredible trading knowledge), on real accounts. I think that says it all. Contact Guillaume, and judge his professionalism for yourself.

southforex 2023.10.03 10:11 

Congratulations on this EA. The risk management is perfect, the profits constant and, above all, I don't feel at risk like with all the other EAs. It's a beautiful creation, and I don't regret my purchase.

BabayagaFX 2023.09.22 09:59 

Very happy with my purchase. Darwin works very well on my standard account with a higher risk, and on a funded account with a lower risk. Everything is well explained for installation, and Guillaume Duportal gives invaluable advice.

Momosharif 2023.09.13 10:35 

very good EA. Guillaume is a great help. He met my expectations exactly, and gave me good advice on my prop firm account. EA is making steady profits, gently, but without reckless risk. I love it!

khaledahmedaliabdellatief 2023.08.29 09:14 

Thank you Guillaume for this incredible EA. I recommend this expert advisor, because even in the difficult, calm times we're currently experiencing, EA progresses slowly but safely. With this EA I'm not stressed, and that seems essential to me in the long term. Thank you for all your hard work in perfecting this system. (Guillaume is very readily available when help is needed, and that's rare in this business).

kgquotes 2023.08.19 15:13 

I don't know why I waited this long to write a review.... Darwin is the safest EA I have. Gives you respectable performance with low DD, it outlasted some crazy long trends in the last year in the markets. This EA will not make you rich but it will preserve your capital. No 30%/month promises. In my case 3-10% max per month, but sleep well at night. Recommend +++. Guillaume is the best trader I know and I feel lucky he provides us with his knowledge and he found a way we can access it. Customer service is insanely good, perhaps too good. If you have fair capital, you could definitely live from Darwin EAs. Thanks Guillaume.

Chris Sams
Chris Sams 2023.07.09 21:16 

Highly recommend! Guillaume's knowledge of forex trading algorithms is astonishing. I am so glad I stumbled upon this expert advisor. I've been waiting to buy EVO and Swing for months now, and I wish I started sooner. I recommend reading his blog post, and all his comments. Once you get access to his telegram groups, I recommend reading every comment as there are golden nuggets of information throughout his messages.

cyberryder 2023.07.09 14:27 

I've purchased and run Darwin Swing + Darwin Evolution together for 1 month on ICM demo 10k account and was part of vendors Telegram groups. Here are my observations: Journey startet very promising, but now vendor is ghosting me and I was kicked out of his telegram groups. - Vendor plays scarsity game like nearly everyone else here on the product page stating that price will go up after next update, which was neither true for updates he called "major update" or "minor update" - EAs have tonns of settings and not all of them are self-explanatory - There is NO proper EA strategy description. Of course vendor wants to not disclose his secret sauce, but there's not even a high-level description. With the 2 EAs together, you are running 2 EA windows on each EA. One is trend, one is counter-trend. This is all you get to know and after that you are trading a black box and can only grasp the trading strategy by your own observation. - The 2 EAs do work together, but only in opening mode for now: If DD is too high, the other EA will no more open position, so that floating DD doesnt increase. However they do not work together for closing, like closing a negative position of the one EA with profitable positions of the second EA, which is called basket closing. - EAs are multi-currency EAs. Trade basically all majors + minors from one 2 EA windows per EA. - EAs entry strategy: EAs place orders at key levels on multiple pairs. Good: Broker do not see those orders, as they are virtual orders. Downside: You also do not see those orders on the chart. - EAs use a news filter and a fx-strenght indicator as a trade opening filter, which is great Martingale strategy element: - Once a trade is open and market goes against your position, the EAs start to open a grid. At first with the same lotsize, but later the lotsitze doubles at each new trade. I've stated an vendors telegram group that this is called MARTINGALE and that this is not properly stated on the product page, as this can cause a huge risk on the account with floating DD or even crash the account quickly. - I stated that I wouldn't have purchased the EA, if I knew that it carries martingale elements in the strategy. The user can't control the martingale factor by EA setting. Its a fixed 2x martingale factor. - Vendor instantly offered me a refund and said he'll talk to MQL support, what I appreciated and agreed. - Vendor instantly kicked me out of all his EA telegram groups - Just one day later vendor stated that he doesn't know how to issue me the refund via MQL - From my understanding a refund is not possible via MQL once one license has been activated, as a user could continue to use the EA after the refund - Vendor repeatetly told me that the EA strategy apparently is not martingale (while I can clearly see that the lotsize doubles) - and that I just should trust the vendor and forget everything I know from FX and EAs. He apparently is not a scammer, he is the one trustful vendor, but I have to blindly trust him. - I am of course open to find a good and honest vendor, on this marketplace there are so many scammers or at least vendors who only want your money but do not care about your success, but the problem is that this vendor doesn't EXPLAIN to me why apparently his EA is not martingale. I just should trust him. Blindly trusting - this of course is a thing I can not do and the vendor should know that this is ringing every bell you can think of, indicating a scam vendor. - Meanwhile vendor is ghosting me. I haven't got a refund. I have no access to his telegram groups, so I do not know how to use the EA properly and can't get the vendor setfiles. - So, I'm stuck with my investment, which I can't use EA statistics: - Entry/Exit EA accuracy according to my myfxbook are really looking promising, I can really not complain on that - Overall EAs performance looks really nice. I made +4.3% in June, while floating DD was only around 2% on ICM, which is exceptional with an EA. Normally floating DD is a multiple of the monthly gain. But I guess this is also only possible through the martingale element. - Other EA statistics like PF ect.. are VERY good. Too good to be true. I guess this is mainly because of the martingale strategy element. If you look at pure martingale robots, their stats are incredible - until the one day they burn your account. Overall EA: - it seems that the biggest risk with this EA is the martingale element you can't control by EA setting - Vendor states that he has done extensive backtesting and that if you stay with his default set (what you absolutely should do! Most newbies buy and up the risk 2seconds later to get rich fast, only to burn their account fast), even with the martingale element (where the vendor states it apparently is not martingale, but still doesnt further explain), your account should be fine and you should just trust him. EA vendor is an introducing broker to Thinkmarkets: - Vendor stated numerous times for example that ICM is a bad broker for EAs overall and for his EAs also, but -again- do not back his statement with facts. One should just trust him - According to vendor, 70% of his customers are running his EAs on Thinkmarkets, where vendor is an introducing broker of (vendor gets a commission from Thinkmarkets, everytime you open/close a trade) - You are getting the link with his Thinkmarkets-IntroducingBroker-ID directly with all the EA setup notes from him with an advicese to join this broker through this link - By definition, this is a conflict of interest, where the vendor is no more neutral on the broker subject - My observation was that a lot of people in vendors Telegram groups however, were worried about their larger floating DDs of ~20% and even the vendor is showing larger floating DD on his Thinkmarket live accounts. At the same time, my floating DD on ICM was always below 2% and at the same time I'm told that ICM is a bad broker. I still think that this EA has potential. I would want to better understand the strategy, by getting a proper EA documentation and be able to control the martingale element by EA setting myself. But I lost trust in this vendor, due to his behaviour. He can become very emotional by the second you say a single bad word about his EA. He is french and not good at expressing himself/explaining his EA in english language, making communication difficult.

Guillaume Duportal
Reply from developer Guillaume Duportal 2023.07.09 15:11
Hello, thank you very much for your opinion, the problem is that 90% of what you say is wrong... That's your opinion, but not reality. EA doesn't use martingales, EA doesn't use strategies to block DD as you say.
It synchronizes the strategies, and that doesn't work as you say..... EA in no way doubles positions... this is entirely false. I'm not an introducing broker, I don't earn anything, that's also false... The EA worked well, you say, you made good results, but that's not enough for you.
You ask me for a refund, it's refused, so you spit on EA through reviews, because it's your only way of getting at me. You're the only one to put up a bad review, and that's your habit? Just look at your profile, you speak ill of all EAs, it's your favorite pastime to criticize without reason.
You're the HATER of MQL5 and hated by all the vendors... Put a star even if it amuses you, you won't get anything more out of it. You're putting pressure on all the salespeople on purpose, you always have to be at your service.
But who do you think you are ???? You think you're an MQL5 super-vigilante, but the reality is that you've never found a good EAs :) So is the problem with EAs, or are you just looking for a unicorn??? The market is complicated, and nothing will ever be good enough for you..... I invite you to create your own EA if you have that much knowledge Your ideas sound amazing, put them on paper, and go get it coded by a good coder Then you'll see your results. Good luck in Forex.
taras.k 2023.07.04 11:09 

I have not written a review since the purchase in order to test the EA for at least a month. Here are my results on a real account: Running the EA with conservative settings (risk 0.5, 2 strategies). 29.05.2023 — 03.07.2023: profit 5.52% from initial deposit, maximum drawdown 4%. A total of 73 trades, 11 losing, 62 profitable (85%!!). The results speak for themselves. This is a very safe EA, very stable and reliable. I have bought several other advisors in this Market and none of them can even come close to this one in terms of stability and reliability. Yes, 5% per month may not be much for some, but for me it's a godsend, given its reliability. This is an investment instrument that you set up once and forget. The seller is very responsible and communicative. Although he has little free time, he tries to help everyone. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Thank, Guillaume for great product!

hondaracer123 2023.06.11 18:56 

Excellent software and excellent developer, attention to every detail is extreme and Guillaume's communication and interest on everyone's success is extreme, absolutelly BRILLIANT concept

MehdiSoleil 2023.05.19 19:09 

Pour ma part c'est le kiff le plus total avec cet EA. J'ai pris le couplage SWING avec EVOLUTION. Les résultats sont stupéfiants ! Comme le dit son concepteur, il faut viser long terme pour dormir tranquille. MERCI.

PanCarlos 2023.05.05 17:22 

Thank you Guillaume for this incredible work. Darwin has become the EA of choice on MQL5. Until you try it, you don't know you need it :) -- order management -- DD management -- position opening accuracy -- It passes all the tough tests the market creates without a hitch. -- Unbeatable customer support. I've been using EAs for 5/6 years (and had stopped, as all MQL5 EAs are almost all ***** ), and you are the only one who has restored my confidence in the algorithms. It was a friend who told me about Darwin I really wanted to let you know. Good luck, and I'm looking forward to your future EA Carlos

Nikita Rotar
Nikita Rotar 2023.04.26 17:10 

I bought this EA 2 months ago. The work is great. Risk and reward are normal. I didn't have big drawdowns. I can answer your questions, send me a private message.

AssanEA 2023.04.23 01:38 

Very good EA,and very safe. It make profits step by step, adapt the strategy to the actual market, amazing. Thank you Guillaume for your great advises !!

WolfSwingFX50 2023.04.14 16:45 

I am very impressed with the results. Identical to what I was promised. Guillaume's customer support is incredible. Thank you

Magna99 2023.03.28 18:32 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

dhirajmqlmt5 2023.03.15 09:53 

The EA works nicely. I am running it on real account since two months now. The strategy seems to have very low risk and yet it gives you handsome profit.

Михай 2023.03.14 04:48 

very good ea and very good support from the author

Reply to review
Version 2.85 2023.10.12
-- bug fix
Version 2.80 2023.10.06
-- "ALL" function, problem solved
-- "recovery" function (profit calculation problem) solved
Version 2.75 2023.08.21
-- SB account problem solved
-- Modification order “market closed” problem solved
Version 2.71 2023.06.25
-- Fixed a bug in the ALL function (to stop new positions)
-- Fix bug for accounts using “spread betting”.
Version 2.70 2023.06.09

Here is the major update for the SWING / EVOLUTION EAs:

- Fixing a minor bug.
- Correction of an order modification error after market close.
- Modification of the ALL and PAUSE functions.
- Addition of a new random position entry function (to be used for funded accounts).
- Introduction of a new position management system (an extremely complex system to take losses in case of bad trends, possible hedging and level coverage).

Details and all precise explanations will be provided privately in VIP groups.
Version 2.60 2023.03.30
-- change the URL for economic news
Version 2.57 2023.02.07
major update
Version 2.56 2023.02.02
Minor modification
Version 2.55 2023.01.31
minor update
Version 2.54 2023.01.19
-- secret update :)
Version 2.53 2023.01.19
-- modification of the profit calculation in case of slippage, bad market conditions, spread problem due to the broker... (SWAP, COMMISSION....)
Version 2.52 2023.01.15
-- fixed a bug in the ALL function

-- added an option in the synchronization part, which allows to block the opening of identical currencies.

-- Added an option for drawdown management.
Now we can manage drawdown limit and closing of positions according to drawdown per strategy, or full drawdown of Forex account (mostly used for management of funded account)

-- Correction and modification of minor bug, options, visual on the chart....
Version 2.50 2022.11.29
-- FIFO rules options
-- US broker Rules options
-- Change in fees/comissions/swap for the TP
-- Update of Support Resistance indicator
-- Update of "x" secret indicator
-- Update MACD indicator
-- Delay order option added ( to be used on Funded account and SYNCH mode )
-- Small change in the strategy
-- New mode Optimization
-- Small bug correction
Version 2.40 2022.10.07
-- bug fix on NORMAL strategy
Version 2.35 2022.09.26
-- bug correction concerning the SYNCHRO function
Version 2.30 2022.09.16
-- Added a function to block orders, by pair or by symbol ( for example GBP, to block all GBP pairs, or EURGBP to block only EURGBP )
-- Fixed a problem with the SL
Version 2.20 2022.09.13
-- Improvement of the auto-GMT functions
-- Improved the Efficiency strategy
-- Fixed some small bugs
Version 2.1 2022.09.06
-- Activation of risk management
-- Fixed a bug on the SL
-- Fixed a bug in the strategy in NORMAL mode
Version 2.0 2022.09.04
Very important update!!!

-- Addition of the new modes NORMAL, EFFICIENCY, PRO TARDER....

-- VIP Sync Option: this option will allow the owner of Darwin Swing and Evolution to merge.
If for example a EURUSD position is opened in SELL on Evolution, then Swing will not open EURUSD SELL.
Thanks to this feature, you will not be able to cumulate the DD of both EA's. ( This brings great stability and diversification to your portfolio )

-- Auto-GMT for news and EA functions

-- Now the EA takes into account the spread, swap.... for the calculation of profits before closing positions.

-- Added a function to split the lot size for large accounts.

-- changed the way the Hedge function works, to open positions in both directions.

-- Added a new type of TP / SL by support and resistances

-- Added an additional indicator to close emergency orders before the TP, if the trend changes.

-- Various changes in the code for an even more efficient strategy.
Version 1.13 2022.07.24
--bug correction
Version 1.12 2022.07.24
-- Correction de bug concernant l'un des indicateur ( bug mineur )

-- Correction bug sur l'affichage de la taille des lots des ordres virtuelles

-- Correction d'un potentiel bug sur le calcul des tailles de lot sur des comptes en devise "non conventieonnelle "
Version 1.1 2022.07.11
- Bug correction
- big change in the strategy