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Step Moving Average

The indicator calculates the moving average of Hull and draws price movement in steps. To some extent, it is similar to a Renko chart, because a new horizontal line is drawn after the prices moves a fixed distance in any direction.

Input parameters

  • PeriodHMA — Moving Average Period
  • MethodHMA — Smoothing method for MA
  • PriceHMA — Applied price for MA
  • StepHMA — Step in pips

Output buffers

  • HMA (0) — Hull Moving Average value
  • Steps (1) — Price level
  • Bars (2) — Duration (in bars) of the current price level: 1 - first bar, 2 - second bar, etc.


  • Price levels are not rounded. They are calculated starting at first HMA value.
  • Parameters are automatically adjusted to 4 or 5 digits quotations.
  • Indicator can be used in EAs and manual trading.
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